The time course: the convention or the physical reality? On the problem of the temporal process identification in the special relativity theory


  • Oleksandr Nikolenko


special relativity theory, temporal theory, space-time continuum, time motion, rest energy, rest mass, light speed constancy


It is considered the set of the fundamental physical quantities in the special relativity theory (SRT), which have the unusual properties: the light speed in vacuum с, essentially different from the others material objects motion by its invariation; the rest energy Е0, described by the product of the motion less particle mass and the light speed square, i. e. such a speed, which is unattainable for this particle; the inertial rest mass of a particle m0, whereas the inertia notion is connected with motion, but not with rest; the quantity Р0 = m0с, acting in the fundamental relativistic expression for the energy-momentum, as well as the rest energy, which unites the quantities, incompatible under the space motion. It is revealed that these quantities form the ordered set, which characterizes the unit physical motion process: its speed, energy, inertia, momentum. The structure and peculiarities of the mentioned quantities directly show that they describe the physical process of the rest bodies’ motion, realized beyond the space measurement within the space-time continuum and revealed in SRT by its inertial phase. Within such process the all unusual properties of the considered quantities get the natural interpretation and let to identify them as the reveal of the time motion process. It is given the temporal theory results, which adequately describe the revealed process (the temporal one) as the material particles motion in the time measurement. The mentioned results also give the theoretical basis for the all quantities, describing the revealed process, and the interconnection of these ones. This process has the all motion properties: speed of motion, its energy, inertia, momentum (these properties existence was experimentally proved in SRT) and thus the time motion has to be considered as the real physical process, current within the space-time continuum. There is no necessity to consider the whole (relativistic) energy of a body and its rest energy as some special energy kinds, because they are the motion energy variations: the whole energy is the body motion energy in the space-time and includes the motion energy in space (kinetic) and the one in time (temporal), which revealed in the relative relations as the rest energy. It is pointed out that the modern reasons for the material particles motion along their world lines are connected with their motion by inertia in time. The others conclusions of the temporal process identification in quantum mechanics are shown.


Николенко А. Д. Пространственно-временной континуум и движение времени //Физика сознания и жизни, космология и астрофизика. — 2005. — № 1. — С.51-64.

Николенко А. Д. Влияние скорости движения времени на реализацию физических законов // Эниология — 2005. — № 3.- C.15-31.

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