The movement in time and the resulting paradoxes


  • Oleksandr Nikolenko


physical nature of time, movement in time, paradoxes of travel in time, I. Novikov self-consistency principle, S. Hawking chronology protection conjecture


Movements of material bodies in time out of its natural course, unlike movements in space, leads to paradoxes. The question in this connection there is such asymmetry of movements in existential variety is considered. The main paradoxes of travel in time, and also the time paradox formulated by the author are described. Feature of the paradox constructed by the author is that unlike classical temporary paradoxes, it doesn't break relationships of cause and effect, and, thus can't be bypassed by means of the I. Novikov self-consistency principle. Research of temporary paradoxes including constructed by the author, allows to understand better difference of temporary measurement from spatial in space time of our world.


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