Field form of the General Relativity


  • N. Zhuck


relativity, gravitation, cosmology


It is shown that the presence of ten physical conservation laws and rigorous realization of legitimacies of the Special Relativity guess that the Universe in global gauges has Euclidean geometry. In view of it the geometrized equations of the General Relativity with the cosmological constant (Einstein equations) together with requirements of homogeneity and isotropy of the Universe suppose unambiguous transformation to the field form. Thus they gain a view of the generalized Klein-Gordon equations, describing a diversion of a four-dimensional spacetime geometry near to massive bodies concerning a flat background, and contain the special tensor, which is picked out from the left half of Einstein equations and describes gravitational field as a physical substation. On this basis the identity of inert and gravitational masses is proved according to the Mach principle and the new property of the Universe is discovered and termed by gravitational viscosity.

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Zhuck, N. (2002). Field form of the General Relativity. Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics, 2(2), 44–54. Retrieved from




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