Biocomputers 3


  • V. Gritsak-Groener
  • Juliya Gritsak-Groener
  • M. Petrou


computer, genome, cellular automata, matroid, category, DNA, RNA


Biological computing theory has its roots in mathematical biology and mathematical computer sciences. Introduced by V. V. Gritsak-Groener [1, 9] in giving an example of superpower biological computational creation, which has beginning of new field of computer sciences. The aim of this article is to describe complex logical interaction between the DNA, RNA-molecule that is transmitted through the medium of the linear cell automata. We show (Theorem 1 and Theorem 2) that the interaction’s structure of DNA-RNA is logician’s equivalent to the structure Linear Cell Automata (g-LCA) and we show that g-LCA is Full Logical (Theorem 3 and Theorem 5). This article contains the main results: Theorems 6–7 determines the needed and the sufficient conditions of equivalence g-LCA to Universal Recursive Construct (URC). This article is continuous for articles [10, 11].


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Gritsak-Groener, V., Gritsak-Groener, J., & Petrou, M. (2011). Biocomputers 3. Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics, 11(2), 33–40. Retrieved from




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