On the problem of the dynamics of the material point with variable mass

Oleksandr Nikolenko


It was shown that it would be more correct to call Meshcherskiy equation as the equation of movement of material body with separating mass. The equation of dynamics of material point movement with variable mass was obtained, it describes the material point movement, inertial mass change, which is not related to change of its impulse. The peculiarities of the physical body movement with variable inertness are pointed, in particular, the ability to the accelerated movement without the influence of external forces and without interaction with external medium, as well as exceptional maneuverability.


dynamics of material point; movement of the particles with variable mass


Айзерман М. А. Классическая механика. — М.: Наука, главная редакция физико-математической ли-тературы, 1980.


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