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The existing physical picture of the world is essentially incomplete. Till now it was not possible to introduce satisfactory in physical concepts the mentality and consciousness phenomena and also the concerned life aspects. But namely the mentality operates of the alive physical body. At the same time this operation process has no adequate physical description. The quantum mechanics development has shown that the observer consciousness could not be excluded from the observation process. By other words the investigated world is connected to the concrete observers. Hence, as the consequence, it is arised the anthropological principle, connecting the presence of life and observers with the Universe physical parameters. The consideration of the terrestrial life phenomenon, the extraterrestrial life existence, the border between the lifeless and alive substances is closely connected with the Space parameters and astrophysical processes. 

In order to integrate the mentioned topics investigations and to coordinate the correspondent researchers the new journal "Physics of consciousness and life, cosmology and astrophysics" was founded in 2001. The journal concerns to the development of the improved conceptions about the essence of the consciousness, mentality, vital processes not only within the Earth but also in the Space seale. The law-energy interactions in alive matter as well as the space radiations and fields actions on biosphere are considered on the base of the mentioned integrated point of view. First of all our journal is intended for the coordination of the efforts of the different fields specialists in order to develop the improved science principles of the alive matter and consciousness. The journal is open for the impartial reflection and fruitful discussion of the modern experimental investigations and theoretical conceptions. Only such integrative approach can be used under the description of the phenomena, which are really observed by independent researchers but not involved into the existing conception of fundamental interaction. The mentioned investigation integration can and must provide us for the development of the improved conceptions of the World essence, including the role of the life and mentality in this World.
Dr.Aleksandr V. Bukalov
Director of the International Institute of Socionics, 

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Vol. 18 No. 3-4 (2018)
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The journal is issued by
Centre for Physical and Space Research
of the International Institute of Socionics
Periodicity of issue is one volume per three months (4 per year) since 2001. 
Languages of publication are Russian and English.

Editorial board:

  • Dr. A.V.Bukalov (editor-in-chief) (Ukraine);
  • Prof. G.D.Berdyshev (Ukraine);
  • Prof. N.A.Chernyshev (Russia);
  • Dr. Ya.A.Dubrov (Ukraine);
  • Prof. V.V.Gritsak (UK);
  • Prof. O.A.Goroshko (Ukraine);
  • Dr. L.I.Konopaltzeva (Ukraine);
  • Prof. K.G.Korotkov (Russia);
  • Dr. M.V.Kurik (Ukraine);
  • Prof. V.P.Oleinik (Ukraine);
  • Dr. A.F.Pugach, (Ukraine);
  • Prof. S.V.Sorvin (Russia);
  • Prof. A.V.Trofimov (Russia);
  • Prof. I.Z.Tsekhmistro (Ukraine);
  • Dr. V.Valenzi (Italy).