Consciousness and Physics


  • Vlail Kaznacheev


physics of consciousness, spinor field, torsion field, biology, cell, information transference, Kozyrev hologram and space, ecology, hormesis, health, alive substance, biophysics, heliocosmic imprinting, Minkovsky-Einstein space


The author analyses the results of the advanced scientific investigations, conducting by International Scientific-research Institute of Cosmic Anthropoecology together with some divisions of SCCEM SB RAMS. From a position of a continuer of the ideas of “Russian cosmizm” the modern scientific world picture is analyzed, the strategic question of survival of a living cosmic substance is formed, special responsibility of scientific thought as the uniting planetary phenomenon is outlined. There are described the experiments on the changing of human consciousness in the special screening devices, named Kozyrev’s mirrors, with the obtaining of the clairvoyance effects. It is found the transfer of chemical and biological information from one biochemical or biological object to another by means of the spinor-torsion fields. It is discussed the role of the field diagrams in the functioning of alive substance and the origin of the species Homo sapiens. There are considered the concepts “Kozyrev hologram” and “Kozyrev space”, which allow to explain the observing effects. It is proposed the general conception of interaction the spinor-torsion fields with the alive substance, including the effects of heliocosmic imprinting.

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