Superlight signals, physical properties of time and self-organizing principle


  • Valentine Oleinik


electrodynamics, electron self field, superlight signals, time


The own field of electron, treated as an open self-organizing system, is a bearer of superlight signals, which may be used for the creation of qualitatively new systems of information transfer. The course of time in some region of space depends on the character of physical processes occurring in it and thus one can control the time by changing its course with the aid of material processes. These conclusions are not in conflict with the relativity theory; they follow immediately from relativistic equations of motion and are an essential development of conventional notions of space and time. At present all the necessary prerequisites are available, both theoretical and technical, for practical mastering of own fields of particles and physical properties of time. Research in the field of quantum electrodynamics (QED) has a strategic value because it leads to revolution in engineering. On the basis of the newest development of QED the Self-Organization Principle, which governs the nature development, is formulated.

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Oleinik, V. (2001). Superlight signals, physical properties of time and self-organizing principle. Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics, 1(1), 68–76. Retrieved from




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