Water life


  • Vladimir Novichenko
  • Sergei Shekhovtsov


water structure, biological physics, magnetic field, health, biological organism


Properties of water are considered from the various points of view. It is offered to apply the system approach at water studying. The structure of water and evolution of its properties are described. The water role in biological systems, influence of its structure and a composition on vital activity of live organisms are analyzed. Influence of magnetic fields on water is considered. Principles of activation of water in Zaporozhye profilactic-helth centre "Health" are described. Experimental researches show high biogene and helthing qualities of this water.

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Novichenko, V., & Shekhovtsov, S. (2013). Water life. Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics, 13(1), 10–22. Retrieved from https://physics.socionic.info/index.php/physics/article/view/70