New horizons of geocosmic medicine


  • Alexander Trofimov


heliobiology, magnetotrophic reactions, heliogeophysical imprinting


The work is devoted to topical problems of heliobiology and space anthropoecology. On the examples of long-term studies of magnetotrophic reactions of animals, healthy and sick people at various geographical locations in the Far North, Kamchatka, the Kursk-Belgorod magnetic anomaly and in Western Siberia the living matter of the Earth is considered in indissoluble unity with the heliogeophysical environment. At the same time, high blood pressure and hypertensive variants of the response of functional systems of the human body to a testing magnetic signal act as an indicator of biogeophysical trouble. The phenomenon of heliogeophysical imprinting, discovered by Novosibirsk scientists, is described in detail in the early stages of ontogenesis of the extreme effects of various cosmic factors. The results of computer evaluation of long-term consequences for human health of intrauterine helio-geoecological imbalance are presented.

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Trofimov, A. (2019). New horizons of geocosmic medicine. Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics, 19(3-4), 11–19. Retrieved from




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