On drinking water of Ukraine


  • Nicholaj Veliky


water, health, longevity, silevit


The criteria for assessing drinking water are considered. Nearly 40 years of author`s research involving 26 academic and departmental research institutes and laboratories in Ukraine and abroad, as well as 20-year medical clinical research and investigation by individual fellow scientists have shown the extremely high efficiency of the use of the silvaite mineral and its vitalized water in various sectors of the economy, science and technology. But they are of the greatest and primary interest for the production of healthy drinking water. Studies on the identification and research of the healing properties of drinking water are described.


Великий Н.М. Силевит и здоровая вода // Физика сознания и жизни, космология и астрофизика. — 2009. — № 4. — С. 15–34.

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