The change of the particles own field, the generation of electromagnetic radiation, and superluminal communication in nature


  • Yuri D. Arepjev


electrodynamics, special relativity theory, electron own field, nonlocality


From the works of last decades published by Prof. V.P. Oleinik and the author of this paper on Maxwell electrodynamics, on nonlinear and nonlocal theory of electron, on nuclear reactions at low energies, etc. it follows the concept based on notions of the particle own field, generation of electromagnetic radiation (due to deformation of the own field of particle moving with acceleration), and superluminal communication in the nature. In this work the experiments in physics and astronomy, biology and medicine are analyzed from the point of view of the concept, and the possible explanation of these experiments is given within the limits of both the concept above and alternative approaches. In the framework of the mentioned concept an attempt is made to describe the different processes in “alive” and “dead” nature, which in no way are related to each other at first sight.


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