To the evaluation of the polar electrojets influence on physiological parameters of a man at phonic conditions while using non-medicinal heliomagnetoprotective remedies


  • Alexander Trofimov


polar electrojets, geomagnetic induction, heliomagnetosensitivity, water heliomagnetoprotectors


Objectives: Biotropic influence of ionosphere electric currents (electrojets) and electromagnetic disturbances in the zone of auroral oval on electric and cardiovascular homeostasis of healthy people was under research. This investigation was done under conditions of unmedicinal approbation of helio-magnetoprotective remedies. Study design: Some water helio-magnetoprotectors patented in Russia, have been developed and tested for inhabitants (with high level of helio-magnetosensitivity) of circumpolar region at the end of the first year arriving from middle parts of Russia. Impact of the polar electrojets on physiological parameters of healthy people (n=120) was under research before testing of heliomagnetoprotective water systems. The works were carried out on the Taimyr Peninsula in the town of Dixon, on the northern latitude 73 degrees 30 minutes during the polar nights in 1999 and 2012. Material and methods: The original water helio-magnetoprotectors, developed on base of Russian inventions were used. They were: A. The mean possessing the helio-magnetoprotective properties (patent RF № 2342149 of 27.12.2008). B. The method for creation of Hologram containing non-visualized physiologically significant in-formation ( patent RF № 2239860 of 10.11.2004) together with using of portative hypogeomagnetic device «TRODR-1» (Autors: A.Trofimov, G.Drujinin, 2011). Electrocardiographic parameters (R, PQ, QT), electrical conductivity in the cutaneous projections of acupuncture points, heart rate and blood pressure were registered three times: in the background conditions, a 10-min. after taking control water and a 10-min. after receiving the same amount of heliomagnetoprotective water. Heliomagnetoprotective water was obtained after exposure in the portable device «TRODR» shielded from the geomagnetic field. Before water testing, heliomagnetosensitivity of an organism was assessed by the method developed in SCCEM RAMS. According to the test results a group of individuals with high heliomagnetosensitivity was determined to approbate helioprotective water systems. The intensity of the polar electrojets and cosmic noises was determined by the methods of oblique sounding of the ionosphere and riometer. The state of the polar magnetosphere was estimated according to the value of the Ak-index. Mathematical processing of the data was performed using software package Statistica.6.0. Results. It has been shown that electrical and hemodynamic parameters of healthy people in the Far North are significantly altered during the periods of increasing magnetic-ionospheric activity. At additional magnetic test-ing, heliomagnetosensitivity of an organism increases in the periods of the level of cosmic noises that are regis-tered by riometers. Using for drinking water heliomagnetoprotective remedies reduces dependence of human functional systems on biotropic impacts of cosmophysical factors. Conclusion: It is a good perspective to use heliomagnetoprotective drink water for prophylactic measures against helio-depending diseases, crisis state and their hemodynamic life dangerous consequences for people living near the world polar regions.


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