The entropy of black holes and the information in the Universe


  • Aleksandr Bukalov


black hole entropy, information, angular momentum, spin, and the Planck constant


It is shown that the entropy as the horizon of the black hole as well as the cosmological horizon is a quantized action, and Planck's constant h is, as in quantum mechanics, quantization unit. This approach makes possible to record the wave function and the wave equation for a black hole. It also gives the opportunity to compare the entropy of a black hole and the observed angular momentum of various space objects: neutron stars, planetary systems, galaxies in units of Planck action h, or elementary spin - a quantum bit h/2, as the amount of information in the galaxy and in the Universe as a whole. Then the entropy of a black hole in units of action is minor compared to the information provided by the angular momentum and spin of cosmic bodies, neutron stars, planetary systems and galaxies. Therefore, the amount of information associated with the rotational motion of space objects in the Universe is many orders greater than the total amount of entropy supermassive black holes.


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