On the connection between the parameters of biosphere and Universe


  • Aleksandr Bukalov


biosphere, cosmological parameters, Hubble radius, DNA length, humanity mass


It is shown that the biosphere features are connected with the observed Universe parameters. In particular, the length of the integral genome DNA of the Earth biosphere is equal to the Hubble radius. The consideration of humanity as the biosphere matter especial part provides us to value the human mass limit and extremal quantity; the obtained results coincide with the ones, calculated by the demography specialists. The connection between the biosphere and Universe parameters provides us to extend the Anthropic principle notion as well as the observer conception because the biosphere is an adaptation tracing system, which adjusts itself under the Universe evolution to be the one unit with it.


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Riess A. G. et al. Tests of the Accelerating Universe with Near-Infrared Observations of a High-Redshift Type Ia Supernova (astro-ph/0001384).

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