Bioelectrography investigation of the direct vision phenomenon


  • K. Korotkov
  • P. Bundzen
  • V. Bronnikov
  • L. Lognikova


bioelectrography, direct vision, mental training, perception of information, altered state of consciousness, physics of consciousness and life


Research describing the 'people-phenomena' capable of distinguishing colours and even perceiving printed information primarily by touching the material with hands has been widely published in Russia. The unique qualities and phenomenal character of these individuals provided the investigation of physiological and psychological mechanisms of this method of perceiving information extremely complicated. Russian psychologist Dr. Vjacheslav Bronnikov developed a technique of mental training for teaching people to perceive information without the need of the vision analyzer. Objectives of our research line were the investigation the psycho-physiological mechanisms of the direct vision phenomenon produced through systematic mental training by the method of Dr. Bronnikov. This paper presents some data of the GDV bioelectrography study, preliminary results of electroencephalography measurements are given by Bechtereva N. Specific bioelectrographic correlations of the direct vision state have been found. They may be associated with transition of the tested subject into the altered state of consciousness.

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Korotkov, K., Bundzen, P., Bronnikov, V., & Lognikova, L. (2002). Bioelectrography investigation of the direct vision phenomenon. Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics, 2(2), 10–21. Retrieved from