Consciousness and physical universe


  • Aleksandr Bukalov


consciousness, physical vacuum, computer, quantum calculations and correlations, religion


A principle of equivalence between computing and quantum processes in physical vacuum has been formulated. It is shown that the universal vacuum if treated as a conglomerate of relativist fields can be perceived as a giant computing system controlling the movement of micro-particles and macro bodies (planets, stars, etc.) Alike physical processes occur in semiconductor crystals of modern computers used for construction of artificial intelligence systems. As an analogue of macro-computer, the Universe in total inevitably possesses the attributes of consciousness and intelligence, its apart subsystems interact with human consciousness and find their interpretation within the framework of religious beliefs.

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Bukalov, A. (2001). Consciousness and physical universe. Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics, 1(1), 5–9. Retrieved from




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