Information principles and rules of noosphere

V. Gritsak-Groener, Juliya Gritsak-Groener, Sergei Iglin


The principles and rules of Nonospaces is discussed within the framework mathematics and physics models. Nonospaces (Nonouniverses in strongly) model are finite topological spaces, which are the combinatorial structures that can serve as replacement, or approximations to, bounded regions within continuous spaces, such as combinatorial manifolds. In the spirit, the present paper studies the finite approximation of Nonouniverses. It has been proposed the mathematical model confirming completely with known experimental data of information properties and the gravity space construction.


noosphere; Nonospaces; mathematical model; finite topological spaces


Вернадский В. И. Научная мысль как планетное явление. — М.: Наука, 1991. — 271 с.


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