Nonlinear Properties of Maxwell Ether

V. Yakovkin


By the analysis of the Maxwell ether it is shown that it must impress itself, causing an increase of its dielectric permeability ?. Ether density is supposed to increase this quality. So ether exists only in the places where D ? 0. In the neighborhood of dot charge ? is revealed rapid growth of ? up to ~105 at a distance 10-13cm that causes appropriate decrease of field (“Effect of reduction”). Polarization of ether within this sphere is big enough to make Е =0, i. e. inside this zone all electrical forces disappear. The magnitude of the only parameter of theory Y (proportionality factor between ? and pressure) was derived from nonlinear optics data. It is necessary to take in a count “Effect of reduction” of field on building models of particles and a theory of charge quantization.


dielectric permeability; Maxwell equations; electrostatic field of charge


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