The biosphere, the cosmological parameters and the elementary particles physics

Aleksandr Bukalov


It is shown, that the Earth biosphere main parameters, such as the alive matter total mass, the DNA and peptides dimensions, are connected with the Universe mass and the Hubble radius as well as with the Planck mass and the fine structure constant. The obtained relations are explained by the author conception of the synergistical evolutioning Universe, where the nonequilibrium structures, including the alive ones, are created under the action of the observed energy forms as well as of the dark energy. Within the Hubble radius the Universe mass can be expressed by the synergetic hierarchy of the degrees of the proton and electron masses relation or the fine structure constant.


Earth biosphere mass; Universe mass; Hubble radius; DNA dimension; P Dirac big numbers; fine structure constant; synergetical Universe; biospheres number in the Universe


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