Peculiarities of structure of the solar corona and ecological observations on Aug. 11, 1999

Klim Churyumov, V. Ivanchuk, Yu. Dubrovsky, L. Chubko


On the basis of the pictures received in Romania, Bulgaria and Iran the shape and detailed structure of the solar corona are studied. Except for essential N/S-asymmetry the corona Aug. 11, 1999 possesses also appreciable E/W asymmetry. Its east hemisphere more active than western one. It is defined, in particular that the ray structure on E-limb deviates more to poles in comparison with structure on W-limb which "is more pressed" to equator. In this respect its interesting feature is existence enough bright, slightly bent, a double thin ray on NE limb with the position angle ~ 50°. It is above a condensation, near to the original center of "pushing away" stream and helmet rays and wings of E-limb. It has been assumed by us, that NE-bright bent ray is a consequence of earlier coronal mass ejection (coronal transient), led general disturbance of NE-quadrant of the corona, i.e. is original post-cursor of coronal transient, thrown out of this area of the corona. Detailed viewing of pictures of the corona, received on August, 10-11th, 1999 with coronograph LASCO SOHO, has shown, that before the beginning of the eclipse in this area the transient was really observed. Harbingers of development of the transient jn NW-limb during the eclipse are found out by us. Parameters of the transient are discussed. Reaction of animals to changes of atmospheric factors during the eclipse on August, 11th, 1999 with use of modern statistical methods is studied.


solar corona; eclipse; atmospheric factors; reaction of animals


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