New interpretation of the Special Theory of Relativity

A. Klimetz


It is considered the Special Theory of Relativity from the new point of view. Essence of the theory is exposed by the method of modeling. It gives a possibility to understand the real meaning of the Lorentz transformations and allows to take a new view on the notions “space” and “time” in the theory. It is shown that the Special Theory of Relativity has nothing but description the space-time properties of the massless fields with respect to one or other system of reading. It is shown that the invariant interval S is the real length of the moving body, which does not change at even and rectilinear moving, as well as the mass of the body m. These conclusions, applying to the General Theory of Relativity without affecting the mathematical structure of GTR, cardinally change its interpretation, allowing the re-comprehend of the traditional geometrical approach in the theory of gravity.


theory of relativity; space; time; velocity of light; system of reading


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