Registration of the process of the untraditional method of the informational transference

I. Ageev, Gennady Dulnev, A. Ipatov, S. Kolmakow, Filippov S. N.


The brief results of registration with the help of standard measuring apparatus of the process of the information transference by the untraditional methods are presented. The experimental data measuring allow to make the conclusion about the possibility of information transfer by the untraditional methods. The generator of the informational signals was a man (biooperator), who during the experiment was trying to change the value of the parameters of the objects of alive and stagnant nature. The final result of the informational influence was registered both by the standard measuring devices and subjectively, by the percipients sensations. The information transference process, including it transfer on long distance (more then 500 km), is going on without perceptible outlays of energy, though the production of information requires from the biooperator the certain expenditure of energy.


information transference; biooperator; informational signal; physics of consciousness


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