The Unified Field, Space and Time Theory

V. Kosyev


The relativistic theory of a field is submitted. On the basis of classical representations of the special theory of relativity, the ratio connecting scale spatio-temporal continuum to a charge of a gravitational or an electrical nature is received. It is shown, that gravitationally or electrically charged substance, of a positive or negative sign, in absence of external potential forms closed space-time appropriate nature, and the density of a spatio-temporal continuum in each point is determined by sign, of a corresponding charge in all the closed volume. The new theory shows the gear of expansion of closed space-time. The equations of the unified field theory, determining the law of mutual transformation of electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields, are received.


spatio-temporal continuum; space-time; gravitational field; potential; double-nature space-time; electro-magnetic oscillations; magneto-gravitational oscillations; electro- magneto-gravitational oscillations


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