Influence of factors of a solar eclipse and metal screens on water and germination of seeds

Aleksandr Bukalov


In our previous researches the influence of a solar eclipse on 07/22/2009 on water and germination of seeds on this water [1, 2] was shown. Thus the specific action of screens, especially aluminum, on wheat sprouts has been revealed. The present work is devoted to the further researches of influence of physical factors of a solar eclipse on 06/01/2011 on water and germination of seeds.
Water in glassware, without screens and with screens — steel (Fe) and aluminum in one layer of an aluminum foil (Al1) and in 4 layers (Al4), and also Al1 and Al4 with additional steel screens (Al1+Fe and Al4+Fe), was shaken up during 15 minutes in 3 series of experiments: 1) for 30 min prior to the beginning of a solar eclipse on 06/01/2011; 2) from the beginning of a contact the shade of the Moon with the Earth surface and 3) in the maximum phase of a solar eclipse. In control there was water in glassware without screen, and also with screens Al1, Al4, Al1+Fe and Al4+Fe.
It was revealed that water shielding by the steel screen in control (without shaking) gives on 4th day of sprouts germination 52% of total value of sprouts and 43% of their total length from simple control (water in a glass), on 9th day accordingly 68% and 31%. Screen Al1+Fe-contr on 4th day gives 69.5% and 56.4%, and on 9th day accordingly 89% and 89%. Thus screen Al4+Fe-contr has shown the maximum oppression of seeds germi-nation: on 4th day 21.7% and 8.2%, and on 9th day 21,4% and 5,35%.
Aluminum screens for an eclipse maximum case the minimum growth in comparison with control and the previous phases. Water with Al1(max) gives on 4th day 39% and 17.64%, on 9th day 60.7% and 33% from control. Water with Al4(max) gives on 4th day of 30.4% and 14.1%, on 9th day of 28.6% and 13% from control. Unshielded water Glass(max) gives on 4th day of 39.1% and 21.76%, on 9th day of 60.7% and 32.9% from control. Steel screen Fe-contr gives 52.17%, 20% (4th day) and 67.85%, 31.27% (9th day). Steel screen Glass+Fe-max gives 60.86%, 56.47% (4th day) and 69.56%, 47.7% (9th day). Thus combi-nations of screens Al1+Fe-max and Al4+Fe-max give the germination close to unshielded water. The screen from 4 layers of an aluminum foil has shown the most paradoxical results: at a maximum of eclipse Al4+Fe-max interferes with growth of plants, and the quantity of sprouts practically does not variate. Water in screens Al4+Fe without shaking (Al4+Fe-contr) possesses close properties. But water in the same screens at shaking gives the results close to a maximum.
Thus the screen Al4 at a jarring during the eclipse beginning gives an absolute maximum of germination – 108.7% and 131.76% on 4th day and 125% and 131.7% on 9th day, accordingly.
Thus, one layer of aluminum, shielding water, gives influence, which simply blocks a certain biogenic agent (apparently levionic [1, 2]). 4 layers of aluminum foil cause much more complex dynamics of influence of certain fields on water, including – in a combination to the steel screen.
One of possible explanations of these effects can be following. Multilayered aluminum screens around glasswares actually make the cylindrical chamber analogous to so-called “Kozyrev mirrors” and similar devices, which display numerous unusual biogenic, power and mental effects [3]. Thus the combination of multilayered screens, including from different metals, gives the key to studying of some biogenic effects in liquids and live organisms.


solar eclipse; properties of water; quantum condensates; levions; shielding


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