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Focus and Scope

Main themes of the articles:

  • Quantum measurements and consciousness of the observer;
  • Problem of the Universe evolution: a cosmology, astrophysics and anthropic principle;
  • Information and thermodynamic processes in biological and mental structures;
  • New concepts in the physical description of live substance;
  • Physical models of mental processes;
  • Interaction of consciousness with the physical world; psycho-informational structures;
  • Physics of life; biophysics; synergetics;
  • Superweak interactions in live systems;
  • Memory of water, effects of supersmall concentration, homeopathy etc.;
  • Quantum, molecular and biological computing systems;
  • Life in the Universe, its possible forms (astro-biology); search of extra-terrestial life (SETI);
  • Physics of the anomalous phenomena;
  • Influence of solar radiation, interplanetary and other fields on biological and social processes.


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