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Field Theory and Electrodynamics

Oleinik V.P.

The Dirac problem, part 2. Electromagnetic interaction as a direct consequence of the laws of mechanics

It is shown that electromagnetic interaction is not a special kind of interaction between material particles. Electromagnetic field equations are obtained as a direct consequence of the laws of mechanics. They are derived from consideration of the curvilinear motion of a classical particle by inertia, without resorting to the hypothesis of the existence of electrical charges that can generate the Coulomb field. At the specified motion, both the electric and magnetic charges are induced by particle. The peculiarity of the induced charges is that they are not localized on the particle generating electromagnetic field, but are «smeared out» in the space region in which the particle motion by inertia takes place. The presence of the induced magnetic charge means that the magnetic field generated by moving particle contains the unusual scalar (potential) component, in addition to the usual vortex one. The existence of scalar component of the magnetic field was first discovered by G.V. Nikolaev [1-3]. According to his results, taking into account the scalar component of the magnetic field allows one to remove a lot of difficulties of standard electrodynamics and to explain a number of experimental facts that can not be explained, while remaining within the rooted ideas of electrodynamics.
Keywords: Dirac problem, electromagnetic interaction as a result of the laws of mechanics, curvilinear motion by inertia, induced electric and magnetic charges, potential component of magnetic field.

Gravity and Cosmology

Bukalov A.V.

Quantum properties of the causal horizon of the Universe and the decay (melting) of black holes in the cosmological model with superconductivity

According to the cosmological model with superconductivity, the radii of causal areas in general relativity are determinated by the correlation length of the interaction of primary fermions in the given phase of the condensate of the fermions. The coherence of the condensate provides the condition of the global community and isotropy in the observable Universe. For various phases the lengths are different and change over time. The dimensions of the horizon of the black hole are also described by a similar correlation length, if we consider the black hole as a special condensate. Therefore, in a contracting Universe the reduction (“melting”) of black holes occurs in the case of the reduction of the causal Hubble radius RH < 3,06RG, that specifies the result obtained earlier by the author.
Keywords: Hubble radius, black holes, cosmic horizon, correlation length, primary fermions, gravity, superconductivity, reduction of black holes.

Bukalov A.V.

The quantum nature of Newton's gravitational constant in cosmological models with superconductivity

It is shown that in the quantum cosmological model with superconductivity Newton's gravitational constant GN is determined by the density of the primary fermions in the Planck mass at the Fermi surface. These fermions form different phases of condensate, including the phase of “dark energy”.
Keywords: gravitation, cosmology, primary fermions, energy gap, dark energy, Newton's gravitational constant.

Bukalov A.V.

On the quantization of the gravitational flow

From the gravitational equations of superconductivity, proposed by the author, describing the motion of the primary fermions, follows the quantization of the gravitational flow similar to the quantization of magnetic flux in the theory of electron superconductivity. Quantum of gravitational flow has a geometric nature: ΦG(0)=4π2LP2. For a black hole the number of quantum of gravitational flow corresponds to the entropy of Hawking-Bekenstein. The presence of dark matter in the coronas of galaxies can be explained by the existence of macroscopic gravitational vortex of superfluid condensate of paired primary fermions.
Keywords: gravity, quantum of gravitational flow, superconductivity, dark matter, galaxy.

Special and General Relativity

Nikolenko O.D.

On the reasons and features of the current of time in pseudoeuclidean spaces

Theoretical bases of the Temporology, connected with a substantiation of the reasons of occurrence of a phenomenon of a current of time are considered. Features of a current of time in flat pseudoeuclidean spaces are investigated. Connection of the offered approach with a problem baryon asymmetry of the Universe is shown. Possibility of existence within the limits of the offered model invisible objects which can be interpreted as clots of "a dark matter” is proved.
Keywords: temporology; time current; baryon asymmetry of the Universe; a dark matter.

Biophysics and Medicine

Iskhakov V.P.

Possible cosmophysical etiology of “endogenous” psychoses

This article is about the new epidemiological hypothesis of the etiology of endogenous psychoses. Fluctuations of the realized risk of schizophrenia morbidity for the cohorts, born 1925-74 in Andizhan, Tashkent, Moscow, Novosibirsk and Novgorod (totally 12180 patients and separately 11579 hospitalizations in Tashkent in 1996-2000), were investigated in 1970-2000 retro-prospectively by new method of phase-spatial analysis. As a result discovered, that the lifelong risk of morbidity of these cohorts fluctuates synchronously cyclically with 10-year period. Fluctuations are most significant for persons without hereditary burdening; for men; for diseases with the paroxysmal forms. For cohorts, born nearby acrophases of cycles, the risk of primary morbidity considerably increases at ages 1-9, 13-15, 18-22, 26-34 years; repeated hospitalizations become more frequent. Correlation and variance analyses of the frequency of patient’s births and the average annual and monthly solar activity indexes of Wolf and density of solar radio emission (10,7 cm) indicate the probability of their physical connection on the first two and 5-6 months of the antenatal ontogenesis of patients. On the basis of own materials and literature the hypothesis of dystopia of brain neurons in the antenatal ontogenesis, which is sensitive to the fluctuations of the certain physical fields, is formulated.
Keywords: epidemiology, etiology of endogenous psychoses, phase-spatial analysis of diseases, cycles of birth of patients with schizophrenia and solar activity.


Odinokin A.S.

The structure of the nuclei in the table theory

It is considered the structure of the nuclei of isotopes of hydrogen and helium in tabular theory proposed by the author.
Keywords: tabular theory, atomic nuclei.

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