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October – December



Gravity and Cosmology

Bukalov A.V.

On the number of baryons in the observable Universe

From the cosmological model of superconductivity (CCM) are obtained formulas of the baryons and neutrinos numbers in the Universe. The connection between the number of baryons and leptons with the holographic principle is discussed. It is proposed to consider the number of generations of particles in the standard model as a quantum number.
Keywords: baryons, neutrinos, cosmology, baryon charge, CMBR.

Bukalov A.V.

The possible origin of the baryon number in the cosmological model with superconductivity

Within the framework of the cosmological model with superconductivity (CCM) it is shown the origin of the baryon number, or baryon charge of the Universe, NB=2,62·1078 in Hubble radius, and proton mass.
Keywords: baryonic charge, cosmology, early universe, Debye temperature.

Foundations of Physics

Oleinik V.P.

Law of gravity and curvilinear motion by inertia

It is shown that in Newtonian mechanics the law of gravity is not compatible with the equations of motion. The conditions of internal consistency of mechanics are derived, from which it follows that classical particle at rest or moving uniformly and rectilinearly in an inertial frame can’t create any force field in surrounding space. As it is seen from the analysis of the inverse problem of dynamics of two-particle system in the framework of Newtonian mechanics scheme, the classical particles involved can not serve as the material carriers of the force field capable of playing the role of gravitational field. The conventional idea that classical particle of mass generates a gravitational field, which can act on neighboring particles as an external field, is groundless. Theory of gravity based on the Newtonian law of gravity is nothing more than a mathematical scheme that does not disclose the physical mechanism of the gravity phenomenon. The reason is that the accelerated particle motions by inertia, which provide a special kind of self-organization of physical system due to the action of inertia forces on the particles, dropped out of the field of view of classical mechanics. According to generally accepted ideas, the force of interaction between material bodies, recorded in the Cavendish experiments, is the Coulomb force. As can be seen from the results of this work, the Coulomb force considered as an external force, the carrier of which are classical particles, does not exist in nature. The expression for the interaction force between particles of two-particle system in a state of accelerated motion by inertia is obtained. The case when the particle's trajectory is an ellipse with a small eccentricity e is considered. It is shown that this force is different from the Coulomb force by small corrections of the order of e. Mutual attraction of material bodies in the Cavendish experiment is a macroscopic manifestation of the curvilinear motion by inertia of particles composing the material bodies.
Keywords: accelerated (curvilinear) motions by inertia, internal inconsistency of Newtonian scheme, incompatibility of Coulomb's law with dynamical principle, Cavendish experiments.


Novichenko V.G., Shekhovtzov S.V.

Water life

Properties of water are considered from the various points of view. It is offered to apply the system approach at water studying. The structure of water and evolution of its properties are described. The water role in biological systems, influence of its structure and a composition on vital activity of live organisms are analyzed. Influence of magnetic fields on water is considered. Principles of activation of water in Zaporozhye profilactic-helth centre "Health" are described. Experimental researches show high biogene and helthing qualities of this water.
Keywords: water structure, biological physics, magnetic field, health, biological organism.

Special and General Relativity

Nikolenko O.D.

On the reasons and features of the current of time in pseudoeuclidean spaces

Theoretical bases of the Temporology, connected with a substantiation of the reasons of occurrence of a phenomenon of a current of time are considered. Features of a current of time in flat pseudoeuclidean spaces are investigated. Connection of the offered approach with a problem baryon asymmetry of the Universe is shown. Possibility of existence within the limits of the offered model invisible objects which can be interpreted as clots of "a dark matter” is proved.
Keywords: temporology; time current; baryon asymmetry of the Universe; a dark matter.


Beltzov R.I., Fedotkin I.M.

On the physics of the atomic electrons orbit quantization

Experimental coherence length of virtual electron-positron pairs more than classical size of the electron, and when it moves on the atomic orbits is formed Josephson effect, the superfluid current depending on the difference of the wave functions at the transition. Quantization of electron orbits is the periodic excitation particle-antiparticle of an electron on the Josephson junction with subsequent minimizing potential connection (±δU).
Keywords: atom, electron, positron, superfluidity.

Philosophy and Science

Popov V.P., Krajnyuchenko I.V.

Consciousness and time

There are analyzed a notion of time, its physical and psychological manifestations. It is concluded that the feeling of information, time and space has a single, objective basis – material, inhomogeneous world substrate.
Keywords: time, physical process, psychological perception, space, information.

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