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July – September



Gravity and Cosmology

Bukalov A.V.

Decrease in entropy flows of galaxies and entropy of the Universe as a whole under the dominance of dark energy

The existence of the Hubble flow recession of galaxies in terms of dominance of dark energy density, vacuum energy, reduces the gravitational entropy of clusters of galaxies, reducing the gravitational entropy of the Universe as a whole. Global dominance of dark energy leads to a decrease in entropy of the Universe within the cosmic event horizon.
Keywords: Hubble flow, movement of galaxies, clusters of galaxies, dark energy, entropy of the Universe, the Universe information.

Bukalov A.V.

Coincidence problem and Anthropocosmic resonance: precision ratios of the critical density of the Universe and the density of the cosmic microwave background radiation in the modern era

The problem of coincidence of cosmic values is discussed. It is shown that in the modern era, at z=0, on the basis of collaboration PLANCK data, the ratio between the density of the cosmic microwave background radiation and the critical density of the universe holds with high accuracy: ρCMBR≈αem²ρc, where αem is the electromagnetic fine structure constant. Such ratio, as well as other unexplained in the standard Friedmann cosmology, is well explained in the cosmological model with superconductivity (CMS), previously proposed by the author.
Keywords: cosmology , microwave radiation, coincidence problem.

Physics of Consciousness and Life

Mikhailov A.L.

Spectral analysis the nature of personality and the principles of artificial intelligence

Extended time data processing of information in living organisms, which includes apart from the usual data manipulation also the correlation and spectral processing, may be one of the reasons for occurrence the personality nature or consciousness of sentient beings. The correlation processing, besides may give rise to the phenomenon of psychological time. It is rationally to divide the temporal and spectral processing of information in a single object over time, which leads to the appearance of such a phenomenon, as a state of sleep.
Keywords: personality, consciousness, intellect, signal processing, artificial intelligence.


Shkavro Z.N.

The physico-chemical methods of water treatment for utility and drinking purpose and their improvement

It is shown the principle water purification technology from fresh natural reservoirs. There are considered the main physico-chemical methods of control phase dispersed state of the impurities of water used to reduce their aggregate and sedimentation stability to intensify treatment processes. There are presented the results of researches to improve the degree of removal of water soluble impurities, in particular humic acids, phenols baromembrane manner.
Keywords: water, impurity, colloidal solution, cleaning process.

Novichenko V.G., Shekhovtzov S.V.

Water life

Properties of water are considered from the various points of view. It is offered to apply the system approach at water studying. The structure of water and evolution of its properties are described. The water role in biological systems, influence of its structure and a composition on vital activity of live organisms are analyzed. Influence of magnetic fields on water is considered. Principles of activation of water in Zaporozhye profilactic-helth centre "Health" are described. Experimental researches show high biogene and helthing qualities of this water.
Keywords: water structure, biological physics, magnetic field, health, biological organism.

Synergetics and Theory of Ñhaos

Gritsak von Groener V.V., Gritsak-Groener J.

Strategically Control of Chaos and Inverse Problems

We introduced the notions control of chaotics, i.e. control the finite chaos structure. Further we introduce the notion control strategy. In section 2 review some of the standard facts on control for chaotics. In section 3 have complied some basic facts of chaos flows control with penalty function. Section 4 is devoted to the study of control strategy against external controller and antiterrorist control strategy. Let us the groundset A⊂Z×Z to the case under discussion in section 5. In section 6 we gave the direct algorithm îf single-center infection on Z×Z with the ramified boundary of the ground-set AA⊂Z×Z. Finally in section 7 we gave inverse algorithm for computational disaster advances(DA)îf single-center infection on Z×Z with the ramified boundary of the ground-set A⊂Z×Z. Also we designed and developed a set of algorithms for construction of the arbitrary and concrete chaotic set that can efficiently be used in evaluations of the propagations autooscillatory geotectonic waves.
Keywords: chaos, chaotic, algorithm.

History of Science

Miroshnichenko L.I.

Cosmic Rays in the Institute of Himalayan Studies “Urusvati”

It is described the history of the study of cosmic rays at the Institute of Himalayan Studies “Urusvati” in the 30s of the 20th century. It is presented an article on cosmic rays, written in 1931 by A. Kirillov (Paris), “The problem of vibrations in exact science (cosmic rays)”, was presented in the journal “Urusvati” but unpublished.
Keywords: cosmic rays, electron, biology, medicine.

Kirillov A.

The problem of vibrations in exact science


Beltzov R.I.

The physical processes in the special theory of relativity

Special theory of relativity of particle 4-impulce related to its interaction with virtual supersymmetric 2(å-å+) particles of Bose-Einstein condensate of physical vacuum. It is shown, that at the de Broglie wave length of moving particle m: λ=h/p=h/(mv)≤ξ0=3.86·10-11cm, where ξ0 — is length of physical vacuum electron-positron virtual particles coherentness. Thus on a particle m appears a Josephson transition with verticals structures. Relative transformation of 4-impulse of particle m are related to their motion. Thus a minimum of excitation of the electromagnetic field in a physical vacuum takes place at: Lik=∫(D2Â2)dVdt, where D, Â are electric and magnetic polarization of physical vacuum.
Keywords: physical vacuum, boson, hadron, virtual excitation of the electromagnetic field, electron-positron pair.

Odinokin A.S.

Water molecule in the table theory

Water, like air, is necessary for people. It is not surprising that interest in the study of the properties of water does not fade with the years. A new understanding of the structure of the water molecule is proposed.
Keywords: vacuum, spiral (vacuum) calculation.

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