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October – December



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P.

Monologue in “Kozyrev mirrors” about intellectual immortality of humanity

It is presented the reflections on the nature of the evolution of intellect of humanity in the cosmic context.
Key words: intelligence, humanity, information, intellect, space, civilization.


Novichenko V.G., Shekhovtzov S.V.

Water life

Properties of water are considered from the various points of view. It is offered to apply the system approach at water studying. The structure of water and evolution of its properties are described. The water role in biological systems, influence of its structure and a composition on vital activity of live organisms are analyzed. Influence of magnetic fields on water is considered. Principles of activation of water in Zaporozhye profilactic-helth centre "Health" are described. Experimental researches show high biogene and helthing qualities of this water.
Key words: water structure, biological physics, magnetic field, health, biological organism.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Bukalov A.V.

On a possible solution of the cosmological constant problem and the vacuum energy density

The application of theory of superconductivity with the vacuum structure in the superconducting cosmology gives new solution of the cosmological constant problem and the vacuum energy density. The resulting vacuum energy density is ρU≈0.716 ρ0 in good agreement with the WMAP-9.
Key words: vacuum energy density, cosmological constant, dark energy, cosmology, quantum field theory.

Bukalov A.V.

The paradoxes of the entropy of black holes and their possible solution

The entropy of black holes by Bekenstein-Hawking as a function of the square of the event horizon of a black hole is not an additive value, which contradicts the classical definition of entropy. It is shown that the representation of the entropy of a black hole as a linear function of the gravitational radius can correctly determine the entropy of such a black hole, which is an additive value. The specific features of the one-dimensional coding of information through the gravitational radius and the notion of Kolmogorov complexity are discussed.
Key words: black hole, entropy, information, Turing machine.

Special and General Relativity

Nikolenko O.D.

Introduction to experimental and practical temporology

Necessity and urgency of formation of a new scientific direction — Experimental and Practical Temporology is proved. Existing fundamental theory in Physics does not explain the cause of the monotonic increase of time coordinate in all of the massive physical objects. This and other issues related to the concept of time are the subject of an emerging scientific discipline — Theoretical Temporology — i.e. the study of time. At the same time, experimental data on the characteristics of the time flow was accumulated in various branches of Physics. In a number of areas theoretical research moved on to a practical level, particularly in the constructing of the accelerating systems in experimental Physics. Characteristics of time flow are taken into account in construction of the space-based global navigation systems. Thereby we now have the possibility to generalize this material within general research, and that will allow analyzing it under common scientific grounds. The foundation of experimental research in this area will have a positive impact on the planning and conducting of new experiments on time flow and its practical usage and will be the foundation for construction and experimental testing of the developing theories on time flow.
Key words: theory of relativity; time current; management of time current; experimental and practical temporology; the experimental physics..

Problems of power generation

Fedotkin I.M.

The mechanism of occurrence of excess energy at cavitation and characteristics workflows in power generator by I.M. Fedotkin

One of the versions of heat-generators which are being under construction is considered to be the heat-generator by Ukrainian useful model patent ¹ 31861 of 25.04.2008 / I. M. Fedotkin. In heat-generator which is being under construction many kinds of cavitation are used with the help of which excess heat is generated and such principle is performed according to which both heat and rotational energies are produced which unload electromotor till its complete cutoff. During such periods heat-generator can change to the regime of autorotation and work as energy-generator. In the final analysis all kinds of cavitation listed above lead to overheating of working liquid. Working liquid as to the technical project has high-boiling component along with low-boiling component which boils in nozzles which results in extremely high speed of jets and generation of supersonic stream. It can be expected from this moment that heat-generator changes into automotive regime and works as energy-generator. None of known methods of receiving energy and heat-generators working with it has such reversion of rotational energy.
Key words: generator, energy, cavitation, workflow.

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