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Kurik M.V.

Drinking water quality criteria

There are discussed the problems of the quality of drinking water, particularly the impact of the reverse osmosis filter on the properties of natural drinking water.
Key words: structure of water, reverse osmosis, minerals, mineralization, health.

Novichenko V.G., Shekhovtzov S.V.

Water life

Properties of water are considered from the various points of view. It is offered to apply the system approach at water studying. The structure of water and evolution of its properties are described. The water role in biological systems, influence of its structure and a composition on vital activity of live organisms are analyzed. Influence of magnetic fields on water is considered. Principles of activation of water in Zaporozhye profilactic-helth centre "Health" are described. Experimental researches show high biogene and helthing qualities of this water.
Key words: water structure, biological physics, magnetic field, health, biological organism.

Synergetics and Theory of Ñhaos

Gritsak von Gröener V.V., Gritsak-Gröoener J., Bukalov A.V.

Control of Chaos

The idea of a “Combinatorial Chaotics” or Chaotic was as is well known, originally suggested by V.V. Gritsak-Gröener in his pioneering article [1]. In this article we construct a control for combinatorial chaotic. The control of the flows in chaotic graphs have direct interpretation in terms of control combinatorial chaotic. The limiting cases are such representations follows straightforwardly. Furthermore, the degree of chaotic is determined for large classes of a combinatorial chaos. We also construct the computational algorithms of this the problems.
Key words: chaos, chaotic, algorithm, geotopia.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Bukalov A.V.

Dark energy and the Universe entropy

Beginning of the era of dominance of dark energy, or vacuum energy, and the change in sign of acceleration of the Universe expansion leads to a change in the sign of the density of Bekenstein-Hawking radiation for an expanding universe. The dominance of dark energy leads to the emission of energy flow with negative density, which is absorbed by objects, moving in a vacuum. This effect may be due to the formation of cosmic structures, including the emergence of life phenomenon.
Key words: vacuum energy, dark energy, Hawking temperature, the expansion of the universe, the holographic principle.

Theory of gravity

Oleinik V.P.

Curvilinear motions by inertia and the Coulomb Law

It is proved that there is a special kind of motion of material bodies by inertia, dropped out of the field of view of classical mechanics, — the curvilinear (accelerated) motions by inertia. This kind of motion is of fundamental importance in nature. It is caused by the fact that the motions above are performed in the absence of any energy expenditure and for this reason they lead to the occurrence of the most stable states of physical systems. The form of the law of the force action between the particles is shown to essentially depend upon many factors — upon the state of relative motion of particles, the motion state of the center of mass, the processes of energy transfer from one degree of freedom of the system to the other. It is evident from the analysis of these relationships that it is impossible in principle to specify a single, universal formula for the force of interaction between particles. The Coulomb law of the force is an approximate one, it is of a phenomenological character. As an application of the curvilinear motion by inertia conception developed here, the solar system motion is considered. It is shown that, because of the curvilinear inertia of the planet and the Sun, the center of mass of the system in its motion along the trajectory in space oscillates, alternatively coming nearer to the curvature center of the trajectory and then moving away from it. The period of oscillations coincides with the period of motion of the planet around the Sun, and the amplitude is proportional to eccentricity of the planet orbit. Center of mass of the solar system performs a complex non-harmonic oscillation, which is a superposition of harmonic oscillations generated by the motion of each of the planets around the Sun. The detection of oscillations of the center of mass of solar system in astronomical observations would confirm the existence of curvilinear inertia in nature.
Key words: curvilinear (accelerated) motions by inertia, Coulomb's law, the center of mass oscillations of solar system.

Special and General Relativity

Nikolenko O.D.

Introduction to experimental and practical temporology

Necessity and urgency of formation of a new scientific direction — Experimental and Practical Temporology is proved. Existing fundamental theory in Physics does not explain the cause of the monotonic increase of time coordinate in all of the massive physical objects. This and other issues related to the concept of time are the subject of an emerging scientific discipline — Theoretical Temporology — i.e. the study of time. At the same time, experimental data on the characteristics of the time flow was accumulated in various branches of Physics. In a number of areas theoretical research moved on to a practical level, particularly in the constructing of the accelerating systems in experimental Physics. Characteristics of time flow are taken into account in construction of the space-based global navigation systems. Thereby we now have the possibility to generalize this material within general research, and that will allow analyzing it under common scientific grounds. The foundation of experimental research in this area will have a positive impact on the planning and conducting of new experiments on time flow and its practical usage and will be the foundation for construction and experimental testing of the developing theories on time flow..

Field Theory and Nuclear Physics

Beltzov R.I.

On the physical processes in the formation of nucleons

In the theory of strong interaction at nucleons formation enter the maximum photons impulse. We enter a structural factor of physical vacuum electron-positron particles-antiparticles and curvature impulse. Nucleons formation is the phase transition of the excited particles-antiparticles to quarks, those are the rotons with the changed chemical potential. Energy of appearing quarks minimizes excitation of the physical vacuum electron-positrons field. First in theoretical physics adorns confinement was grounded, that is related with adorns size da≈(1-2) fm, that less then electron-positron particles-antiparticles coherentness linear length ξ0 =3.86·10-11. Curvature of quarks-rotons local metrical tensors determines the adorns gravity potential.
Key words: physical vacuum, quark, roton, confinement.

Philosophy and Science

Popov V.P., Krainjuchenko I.V.

Fractality of energy

The combination of the global concepts of evolution, systematic and fractal results in a conclusion about existence diversity of kinds not only the substance but also the internal energy of the substance. The fractal energetic picture of the world appears.
Key words: energy, fractal, evolution, the system.

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