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July – September



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

On the principles of evolution and information flows of intellect in XXI century

The questions of evolution of intellect in terrestrial biosphere and its communication with field information structures are considered. The attention to the question on genom stability limits is brought. The aspects of a possible genetic default are discussed.
Key words: evolution of intelligence, fiber, biological dissymmetry, genetics, the information.

Synergetics and Theory of Ñhaos

Gritsak von Groener V.V., Gritsak-Groener J., Petrou M.

Biocomputers 4

We reformulate the notion of 2-Linear Cell Automata for biological computing in a manner that may be implemented the concrete biochemical synthesis. The main theorems are the theorem 1 and theorem 2 can characteristic 2-Linear Cell Automata in a linear algorithmic types. The main result given here is the concrete biochemical model of biological computing, carried out in chapter 4. Our mathematical techniques also consider ensemble methodic. It is the article is continuous of [1–3].
Key words: computer, genome, cellular automata, matroid, category, DNA, RNA.


Shkavro Z.N.

Physical and chemical properties of water in a context of live cell metabolism

Some abnormal properties of water are described. There are considered the molecular structures of the diluted water solutions (water systems), to which potable water concerns also. Influence of impurity of water of the various nature on formation of molecular water structures is shown. The role of water molecules in a biological metabolism is considered on an example trans-membranic processes in a live cell and functioning of humoral organism systems. It is shown that the concept potable water structurization is maintained by many authors with the advertising purpose, pursuing commercial interests.


Beltzov R.I.

On the physical bases of the Special Relativity

It is shown, what the particle m at movement in “physical vacuum” creates a gradient ∇φ of wave function of electron-positron pairs of Bose-Einstein condensate, which is an order parameter with complex wave function (ψψ*)=ρs and ψ=√ρs·eiθ. Thus superfluid quasiparticles of “physical vacuum” form on a particle m the Josephson effect, as coherent length (ς0=3,86·10-11sm) is more than sizes of particles m. From differential connection an φ-impulse of a moving particle m with stability of movement and pair potentials of antisymmetric particles-antiparticles of “physical vacuum”, lagrangian L of particle m are minimised by this excitation. The particle m at movement changes symmetry electron-positron pairs of “physical vacuum”. As a result of this communication interval S2 = S'2 is invariant and transformation of co-ordinates and time is carried out in systems ISO.
Key words: wave function, electron, positron, special relativity, physical vacuum.

Problems of power generation

Fedotkin I.M.

The cavitation reactive-rotor heat-generator by I.M.Fedotkin

There are given the description of work principles of cavitation reactive-rotor heat-generator by I.M.Fedotkin and all numerous hydraulic, thermal, heat-change, thermodynamic processes, phase transitions and cavitation processes in heat-generator, providing its high power-efficiency.
Key words: generator, energy, cavitation, power-returnable process.

Philosophy and Physics of Consciousness

Bukalov A.V.

The short review of the Indian philosophy in a context of physics of consciousness

In connection with the mentality description in frameworks of physics of consciousness, the basic representations of the Indian philosophy about structure of consciousness, spiritual space, including hierarchy of steps of consciousness and thin (field) bodies of the person, are presented. These representations will be co-ordinated with experimental data of transpersonal psychology.
Key words: psyche structure, consciousness, thinking, soul, reincarnation, levionic structures.

Philosophy and Science

Popov V.P.

Classical paradigms in the light of the present

From positions of holism the representations of a classical science are reconsidered. It is used the categorical methods of the general theory of systems and postnonclassical representations about nonlinearity of development, integrity (coherence) of life, evolutionism, systematics.
Key words: theory of systems, substance, energy, information, synergy, evolution.

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