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April – June



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

A phenomenon of memory of inert substance and intellect in "Kozirev space"

Specificity of existence of live substance in the space difficult structured by various fields is considered. Phenomena of power interaction on small energies in live substance, with transfer of stimulating or oppressing influences, are described. Phenomena of memory of the live and inert substance, shown in various experiments, are investigated.
Key words: biophotons, live substance, biological structures, physics live, memory, intellect.


Kurik M.V., Martsenyuk L.S.

Structural and power properties of natural water

The results of researches of coherentness and separations of natural water on left - and right – spin-orientated components are analysed. It is shown that the non-separable natural water is as much as possible approached to endocellular water of a human body. The model leaning for G.Preparata’s works is offered, it displays the processes in coherent natural water. It is shown that natural water possesses a set of such important physical characteristics as: fractal-cluster structure, optical dissymmetry structures, homogeneity of structure, which ensures to water non-separability.
Key words: physics of water, coherentness, quantum mechanics, separability.

Synergetics and Theory of Ñhaos

Gritsak von Groener V.V., Gritsak-Groener J., Petrou M.

Biocomputers 3

Biological computing theory has its roots in mathematical biology and mathematical computer sciences. Introduced by V.V.Gritsak-Groener [1, 9] in giving an example of superpower biological computational creation, which has beginning of new field of computer sciences. The aim of this article is to describe complex logical interaction between the DNA, RNA-molecule that is transmitted through the medium of the linear cell automata. We show (Theorem 1 and Theorem 2) that the interaction’s structure of DNA-RNA is logician’s equivalent to the structure Linear Cell Automata (g-LCA) and we show that g-LCA is Full Logical (Theorem 3 and Theorem 5). This article contains the main results: Theorems 6–7 determines the needed and the sufficient conditions of equivalence g-LCA to Universal Recursive Construct (URC).
Key words: computer, genome, cellular automata, matroid, category, DNA, RNA.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Bukalov A.V.

The quantum macroscopical equations of gravitation and superconducting cosmology. The nature of inertial forces

It is received the system of the quantum macroscopical gravitational equations of superconductive cosmology, they are generalising the equations of the General relativity theory. The Newton's first law - an inertia principle - finds its explanation.It is shown that forces of inertia arise in superconducting gravitational vacuum as the response of a condensate of primary b-fermions on changes of velocity of a body as element of a gravitational current. The same mechanism explains the Mach principle.
Key words: gravitation, superconductivity, density of vacuum energy, cosmological constant, inertia, Mach principle.

Problems of power generation

Prokofjev V.P., Oleinik V.P.

Cavitation heat-generators

The practical results of research on cavitation heat-generators, the use of which offers significant advantages over the known power systems on their performance — cost criterion, are presented. The improvement of existing types of cavitation heat engines and the creation of new ones are among the most important tasks in the field of energetics focussed on the elaboration of efficient and ecologically pure energy sources.
Key words: energy problem, cavitation heat-generator as an active heat engine, passive heat engine, transformation of the energy of environment to active form, open system, excess energy, ecologically pure energy sources.

Philosophy and Science

Popov V.P., Krainjuchenko I.V.

From Difficult to Simple. Order from the Order

The paradigm of the Universe development not from the chaos to the order, but from the supercomplicated unclear order to the simplier clear one is settled down by multiple examples of systems by different origin. Chaos is a consequence of incomplete human knowledge, a reason of which may be defined by statics and dynamics of the objective World.
Key words: order, chaos, evolution, thermodynamics, social system.

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