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October – December



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

On the essence of intellect as the special cosmophysical form of living matter on the Earth

The existence of intellect reflects availability special cosmophysical laws in the organization of living matter. Correlation of speed of evolution of living matter and speed of evolution of intellect in development of biosphere of the Earth is considered.
Key words: human intellect, biosphere, space, living matter.


Gromozova E.N., Kachur T.L., Voychuk S.I., Grigoryev P.E.

Results of continuous monitoring of the Bio-Astronomical phenomenon of Chizevskiy-Velkhover

The paper provides an analysis of data of metachromasy reaction resulting from a decade of daily monitoring of staining of yeasts volutin grains with methylene blue under standard laboratory conditions. During 9 years (from 2001 to 2009) of observations the direct monotonic correlation between the response of metachromasy and intensity of cosmic rays was marked. The results of observations in 2010 showed differ, from the previous years, tendencies in the reaction and possess no correlation with the known Cosmo-physical factors.
Key words: metachromasy reaction, volutin grains, microorganisms, ultrarays, cosmophysical factors.

Synergetics and Theory of Ñhaos

Gritsak-Groener V.V., Karpenko O.B.

Mathematical methods of identifications for visual information. 1.

The article begins with a concise but adequate revision of basic graph-theoretic concepts which will be useful later on. It then introduces the central notion of G-shrubberies which serves as a general reference model in the rest of the work. We lead them to this notion on the basis of numerous examples, taken from sociology & socionics, author’s identification of painting, mathematical psychology computer science, and mathematical life theory.
Key words: graph theory, pattern recognition, visual information.


Beltzov R.I., Bukalov A.V., Fedotkin I.M.

On the physical basis of the first and second laws of Newton's mechanics

The origin of wave functions of observable particles with weight m is considered. It is defined by interaction of these particles with the Bose-Einstein condensate of particles-antiparticles of the physical vacuum. The physical processes leading to the first and second laws of Newton’s mechanics are described. For a moving particle with weight m there are the Meissner effect and Josephson junction on it, if the particle size is less than length the coherence length. Thus on the particle it is arises the superfluid current of the particles-antiparticles of physical vacuum with chemical potential ∇μs. Josephson junction by a particle in the condensate determines the quantization energy of the particles, and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
Key words: wave function, physical vacuum, Bose-Einstein condensate.

Problems of power generation

Fedotkin I.M.

Processes in I. M.Fedotkin's power generator, manufacturing superfluous gyral and thermal energy

It is described the heat-generator by I.M.Fedotkin (Ukrainian useful model patent ¹ 31861 of 25.04.2008 / I.M.Fedotkin) in which many kinds of cavitation are used, with the help of which excess heat is generated and such principle is performed according to which both heat and rotational energies are produced which unload electromotor till its complete cutoff. During such periods heat-generator can change to the regime of autorotation and work as energy-generator. In the final analysis all kinds of cavitation listed above lead to overheating of working liquid.
Key words: cavitation, energy, hydromechanics, information, cavitation heating

Physics of the Social Systems

Bukalov A.V.

Recurrence of phases of development of the society and new laws of historical development

Models of socionics (the theory of psychoinformation structures of the person and society) allow to describe cyclic development of the state and a society, to analyze the historical events, change of historical epoch and political modes in particulary history of Russia, evolution of the USSR and its disintegration.
Key words: cycles, historical epoch, socionics, the law of replacement of quadras.

Philosophy and Science

Popov V.P., Krajnyuchenko I.V.

World substratum

The concept of network frame of the vacuum consisting of superstrings is described.
Key words: vacuum, theory of superstrings.

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