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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

Humanity autotrophy as a cosmophysical stage of planet evolution

The major stage in the evolution of the Earth as a cosmophysical phenomenon is biosphere transition in autotrophic formation of Space where the reason is a new cosmophysical force, transforming possibilities of human survival and providing human output in near and far Space. The aspects of development of social organism of planet, its cosmoplanetary role and prospects of its evolution are considered.
Key words: biosphere, mankind, reason, social organism, Homo sapiens, intellect, evolution.

Biophysics and Medicine

Krasnobryzhev V.G., Kurik M.V.

Internal qualities of drinking-water

The role of the structured water in a human body is considered. Quantum effects in water are described; their role in processes of ability to live of an organism is shown. The water possessing quantum properties among (inseparability properties) is the most suitable for a human body.
Key words: drinking-water, health of the person, water structure, quantum electrodynamics, ecology.

Fedotkin I.M.

The Reich's orgone energy accumulator, its "magic" medical effects and their explanation from positions of theoretical physics and wave mechanics

Medical properties of the Reich's orgone energy accumulator are described. The physical model well describing action of the orgone accumulator on live organisms is offered.
Key words: orgone energy accumulator, electromagnetic field, biophysics.

Synergetics and Theory of Chaos

Gritsak-Groener V.V.

Biocomputers 1

This article contains the main results.

  1. There exist a DNA-RNA mechanism X such that for all NP-full problems p:
    (i) p are solved;
    (ii) ∀pp is solved in polynomial computational time.
  2. There exist a 2-Band Linear Cellular Automata (2LCA) such that for all NP#-full problems q:
    (iii) q is solved in polynomial computational time.

Key words: computer, genome, cellular automata, matroid, category, NP-complexis.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Bukalov A.V.

The origin of positrons in the Galactic Centre and model of the Nucleus of the Galaxy

The origin of a stream of positrons in the centre of the Galaxy with intensity 1043s-1, giving an annihilation line at 0.511 MeV, remains not clear. Neither disintegration of dark matter, nor accretion on a black hole can not generate such stream. Moreover, supervisions show absence gas accretion on the Nucleus of the Galaxy. Since the zone of annihilation of positrons surrounds the Nucleus of the Galaxy evenly, that excludes an asymmetric radiation as jets, the new model of the Nucleus is offered. Proceeding from the theory of perturbations of Higgs' vacuum by M.Yu.Khlopov, the Nucleus of the Galaxy, which weight it is unusually small (~10-3) in comparison with weights of nuclei of similar galaxies, is considered not as a supermassive black hole, but as a stable relict of perturbations of the primary vacuum, remained after the Big Bang and not collapsed by this time. It also allows to describe an observable stream of positrons as consequence of quantum radiation electron-positron pairs with intensity of one pair for Plank's time (I=(e++e-)/tPl) from the Nucleus of the Galaxy, which temperature makes T≈109.5K at radius R≈1,2·1012sm and at mass MNG≈4·106M0. The obtained intensity of radiation precisely coincides with experimental data SPI/INTEGRAL on annihilation of positrons. It is shown that parameters of the Nucleus of the Galaxy are not accidental, and it provides its constancy and stability during ~1014years. There are considered the possibilities of supervision of radiation of similar sources, the majority from which can be observed on z=3.5÷10 with the radiation of other elementary particles.
Key words: Galactic Centre, Sagittarius A*, SPI/INTEGRAL, positrons, annihilation, electron-positron pair.

Gravity and Geophysics

Pugach A.F., Olenici D., Vorob'ev D.P., Kuz'kov S.V., Kuz'kov V.P., Medvedskii M.M.

A solar eclipse on 26.01.2009 simultaneous observations using superlight torsion balances and a paraconic pendulum

For the first time simultaneous observations over reaction of two extralight torsion balances (Kiev, Ukraine) and a paraconic pendulum (Suceava, Romania) are spent during a partial solar eclipse on January, 26th, 2009. Significant correlation between indications of two torsion balances and a paraconic pendulum removed on distance of 440 km is found out. Prior to the eclipse and after the phenomenon termination the correlation was absent. The conclusion that a solar eclipse serves as a factor determining reaction of torsion balances and a pendulum is received.
Key words: solar eclipse, superlight torsion balances, paraconic pendulum, gravitational constant.


Popov V.P., Krajnjuchenko I.V.

Riddles of Parapsychology

For explanation of the paranormal phenomena a hypothesis is offered that humanity at subconscious level is connected into the united informational network like the Internet.
Key words: parapsychology, consciousness, subconsciousness, brain, information, energy, matter.

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