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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

On the nature of live substance and human intelligence

New approaches in studying of an origin of life, evolution of biosphere, appearance of intellect are considered. The strategic aspects of survival of mankind must be concentrated exactly in a space sphere on the platform of Cosmo-antropo-ecological sciences as it provides the synthesis of geopolitical and social-historical processes of survival of mankind in that natural Cosmo-planetary reality.
Key words: biogeosphere, ecology, intelligence, live substance, Cosmo-planetary phenomenon, population, ethnos, biological quantization.

Bukalov A.V.

Antropo-cosmic resonance: coincidence of dynamic values and constants in the present epoch and generalization of the Antropic Principle

The problem of cosmic coincidence (the affinity of density of dark energy and matter) is considered. It is shown that it is the special case of coincidence of cosmological parameters, depending on time, and the constants, related with the gravitational constant and the weights of elementary particles during in the real epoch, the epoch of existence of observers, with z = 0. It is revealed that the basic parameters of the Earth biosphere also are connected with cosmological parameters. It allows to generalize the Antropic Principle to the statement that in any Universe with certain set of constants the origin of life and intellect is inevitable.
Key words: dark energy, dark matter, Antropic Principle, phenomenon of life, origin of observer.

Dubrov Ya.A.

On XXI century physics as the theory of the three-unity CWI-metabolism

The article deals with the philosophical and cultural prefaces - entropy principal in the uniform space, plurality of universes, informational contact, the forth time measurement - physics-mathematical models of dissimilar (secvent) space-time are proposed; worlds of Everett-Delsarte , spiral time etc., which in the complex with the help of particular reduction of three-unity philosophy form the main elements of coat-wave-information (CWI) physics (punphysics), one of its notions is informational energy. In the frames of punphysics connections between mass, secvention and information and also interactions between these notions are built.
Key words: secvent chronotop, Everett-Delsarte worlds, information energy, coat-wave-information physics.


Novichenko V.G.

Influence of the activated water on biological objects

The results of biological and physic-chemical researches show that the water, processed by magnetic fields of configurative magnets on the method by V.G.Novichenko, possesses strong gene-protectoral, anti-mutagen and anti-oxidant properties. It is useful to health and favorably influences on many processes in an organism.
Key words: magnetic field, water, health, mutation, antioxidant, drosophilae.

Synergetics and Theory of Chaos

Gritsak-Groener V. V., Gritsak-Groener J.

Mathematical Aspects of Chaos

We study the pattern recognition algorithms of combinatorial chaos (chaotic). First chaotic introduced in [1]. There are the most universal mathematical construction of chaos and, contrary to all the others, expand the notion of chaos even to finite structures. We give a mathematically exact characterization of chaos in finite sets. For example, a class of chaotic, that is "whirligig" and corresponds to granular chaotic structures, is proposed. The examples of recognition of minimum by the amount of elements among all the others (whirligig, anthill, disorder and quasimatroid etc) are given.
Key words: chaos, algorithm, matroid.

Gravity and Geophysics

Pugach A.F.

Results of supervision over behavior of the turning scales arrows and variations of the time course during a ring-like sun eclipse on January, 15th, 2010

There are given the results of supervision over abnormal behavior of the turning scales arrows and variations of the time course during a ring-like sun eclipse on January, 15th, 2010. It is shown the necessity of continuation of researches in this area.
Key words: sun eclipse, turning scales, velocity of light, planetary-sun configurations, chronometric supervisions.

Field Theory and Electrodynamics

Beltzov R.I., Fedotkin I.M.

To physics of the Maxwell's electromagnetic equations

The equations of an electromagnetic field by Maxwell are investigated. It is studied the interaction of the real photons with the stability movement of the symmetrised particles-antiparticles pairs of boze-condensate in physical vacuum. The existence of superfluid properties of environment for the Maxwell's equations is proved.
Key words: physical vacuum, electron, positron, superfluidity.

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