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October – December



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

The distance-information interaction in the "Kozirev space"

There are described the experiments on studying of distant field interactions between alive cages, people, plants. These supervision and experiments with "exit" from a body give the grounds for a conclusion that intellect which is considered as the information or as property, apparently, is "a special substance", the field organization of the unknown form of living matter.
Key words: intellect, field interactions, alive cage, live matter, albumen-nucleic form of life, field form of life.

Bukalov A.V.

The quantum description of the mental processes and thermodynamics of thought

Participation of a superfluid condensate from light fermi-particles (levions) in biological and mental processes is considered. It is shown that reduction of entropy of such condensate as the structure co-operating with biomolecules of alive organism, reduces the general entropy of the biological system. The aspects of the mental processes with zero entropy and their connection with the theory of quantum measurements are considered.
Key words: physics of alive, quantum superfluid structures, light fermions, levions, thermodynamics of thought, physics of consciousness.


Veliky N.M.

Silevit and healthy water

Healthy water, besides meeting present requirements on structure, microbiological condition and other parameters, also pos­sesses ability to activate living organisms, plus has structurally-information adjustment for its self-improvement, allowing inde­pendently extinguish the centers of pathologies. Improvement of drinking water can be carried out uncompulsorily and naturally as it happens in the nature, by its activation by the natural mineral activator - silevit. The characteristics of waters activated by silevit and its improving action are stated. The implementation of a silevit makes possible the preparation of natural and steadily structured water with information saturation, i.e. healthy water.
Key words: mineral activator, silevit, energy-information properties, activation, healthy water.

Kazantseva L.K., Kuharuk M.L.

Influence of minerals on biocompatibility of water with a human body

Influence on water of various minerals is investigated. It is established that biocompatibility of water without minerals with a human body improves in the following sequence: plumbing < distilled < passed through filter Nikken < water the Dewdrop < the spring. Besides that spring water is the best on biocompatibility, it restores a mineral condition to normal level and reduces the radioactive loading of the person. The effect of positive influence of silicon water on human health is analyzed.
Key words: physics of water, liquid crystals, water mineralization, human health.


Odinokin A.S.

Structure of atoms in the tabular theory

The analysis of variability of the relation hc/e2, i.e. the functions Pin= hc/(e2·n2·2π(i-1)) has revealed hidden indexing periodicity. In system nuclear (indexing) co-ordinates, due to found out periodicity, the device in the form of periodic tables is received powerful numerically-group. These tables have laid down in a basis of the tabular theory, the new arising theory of a microcosm. The key experimental values of the first energies of ionization of neutral atoms are received too: 13,6; 24,6; 5,4; 9,3; 8,3; 11,3; 14,5; 13,6; 17,4; 21,6.
Key words: atom, electron, proton, orbital, resulted mass, energy of ionization, electronic layer, number of element, electronic filling of atom, tabular theory, atomic (indexing) co-ordinates, constant of proton and electronic orbital, electronic function, proton management, valency pair.


Gromozova E.N.

About works and letters by S.T.Velhover

Velchover S.T.

Letters to N.A.Morozov (On the influence of space radiation on microbiological objects)

S.T.Velhover describes in the letters to N.A.Morozov the researches on the influence of space radiation on microorganisms which are sensitive biophysical sensor controls
Key words: space radiation, solar radiation, growth of microorganisms, space rhythms, solar activity.

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