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July – September



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

The distance-information interaction in the "Kozirev space"

There are described the experiments on studying of distant field interactions between alive cages, people, plants. These supervision and experiments with "exit" from a body give the grounds for a conclusion that intellect which is considered as the information or as property, apparently, is "a special substance", the field organization of the unknown form of living matter.
Key words: intellect, field interactions, alive cage, live matter, albumen-nucleic form of life, field form of life.

Bukalov A.V.

The influence of cosmophysical factors of the Solar eclipse on water and germination of seeds

The change of biogenic properties of the water, activated during the solar eclipse by a method of shaking a method, including with the use of ferrous and aluminium screens, is investigated. It is found out the lowered germination capacity and germination of seeds of wheat on such water. The water, screened an aluminium screen, has shown especially low biological activity (17% from control). Existence of interactions (particles) of non-electromagnetic nature, dealing with water clusters, comes into question.
Key words: water activation, solar eclipse, the metal screen, germination of seeds, levions.

Physics and Biology

Vasilik P.V., Furduy R.S.

On the functional purpose of megalithic constructions

It is proved the conception, according to which the megalithic constructions intended for formation of streams of energy, arising up in these constructions in certain calendar dates under the influence of effects of a relative positioning of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth in an order to change properties of water.
Key words: megalith, planets of the Solar system, calendar.

Theory of gravity

Oleinik V.P.

New approach to the motion problem: accelerated inertial motions

It is proved that in the conventional Newtonian scheme of mechanics an extensive class of motions drops out of the field of view - the accelerated (curvilinear) motions of particles by inertia. The fundamental role played by these motions in nature is due to the fact that they take place in the absence of any expenditure of energy and as a consequence give rise to the most stable states of physical systems. Existence of accelerated inertial motions of particles necessitates a radical revision of Newtonian mechanics. Such states of motion of particles, as the most stable ones, may be naturally considered as a background for real, physical processes. to put it differently, in the new, extended scheme of mechanics the accelerated inertial motions should play a part of a reference point for physical processes. Physical processes observed in experiment should be treated as a deviation from the accelerated inertial motion states caused by the action of a perturbation. Under the action, for example, of an external force the physical system is removed from the state of accelerated inertial motion, and this process can be described by the Newtonian equations of motion. Such is, in general outline, the new scheme of dynamic processes description. Obviously, the accelerated inertial motion states investigated in this paper should play in classical mechanics the role similar to that which is played by the ground state in quantum mechanics, namely: just as any quantum system tends to go over to the ground state, any classical system tends to go over to the state of accelerated inertial motion. It is only the deviation from this state which can be registered experimentally. According to the results received, there are the forces in nature which are of purely kinematical origin; these forces, among which are the forces acting on the particle at its accelerated inertial motion, differ qualitatively from the ones considered in Newtonian mechanics. Their distinctive feature is that the work done by them on a particle essentially depends on the state of motion of the inertial reference frame in which the motion is considered. It means that the frames of reference, moving uniformly and rectilinearly relative to each other, are not physically equivalent, i. e. the principle of relativity becomes invalid if only the accelerated inertial motions are taken into consideration. Without taking account of the accelerated inertial motions, it is impossible to receive the description of real physical systems behaviour adequate to nature. The Newtonian mechanics, in which the forces of kinematical nature acting on particles and curvilinear inertia are not considered, is a rather rough scheme of description of dynamics. The deep crisis of modern physics is caused to a great extent by the fact that the forces of kinematical nature and the curvilinear inertial motion resulted from them are not considered in the standard scheme of mechanics underlying all modern physics. One of the consequences of this work can be formulated as follows: Newton's hypothesis that there exist gravitational forces in the nature satisfying the law of universal gravitation is unnecessary. There is no need for this hypothesis in view of the fact that the attraction of particles to one another is described in a natural way in the new, extended scheme of mechanics taking into account the phenomenon of accelerated inertial motion of particles. Failures of all undertaken before attempts to reveal the physical nature of gravitation are due to the fact that they were based on the Newtonian scheme of mechanics, which, having excluded the accelerated inertial motions from consideration, is incapable in principle to describe and explain gravitation without resort to any additional hypotheses. The results and conclusions of this work are supported by extensive observational data accumulated during half a century on abnormal phenomena which cannot be explained from the viewpoint of current physics and show the prospect of producing technologies unattainable at present. Obviously, the working out of technologies and creation of electronic devices on the basis of accelerated inertial motions of bodies will lead to the next, higher level of development of civilization.
Key words: incompleteness of Newtonian scheme of mechanics, extended scheme of mechanics, accelerated inertial motion of particle, rotary inertia, curvilinear inertia, forces of kinematical nature, nonequivalence of inertial reference frames, strong and week inertia, inertial motion on spherical surface, gravitation and abnormal phenomena as manifestations of accelerated inertial motions.


Novichenko V.G., Shekhovtzov S.V.

Water and Life

Various properties of water are described, its many-sided role in processes of ability to live of organisms is considered.
Key words: water, information, biology, life, physics of consciousness.

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