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April – June



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

The distance-information interaction in the "Kozirev space"

There are described the experiments on studying of distant field interactions between alive cages, people, plants. These supervision and experiments with "exit" from a body give the grounds for a conclusion that intellect which is considered as the information or as property, apparently, is "a special substance", the field organization of the unknown form of living matter.
Key words: intellect, field interactions, alive cage, live matter, albumen-nucleic form of life, field form of life.

Physics and Biology

Berdyshev G.D., Radchenko A.N.

Telegonia as a complex of the mysterious genetic phenomena, their mechanisms

The review-analytical article is devoted to the mysterious, insufficiently known genetic phenomenon - telegonia (grec. tele is distant, gonos is birth) - to influence of the previous male on signs of the posterity born from other father. Telegonia shows up for all animals and it is especially bright for human. It is show that telegonia unites different genetic phenomena with different molecular-genetic mechanisms.
Key words: telegonia, peptides, nucleic acids, hyaluronic acid, prion.

Bukalov A.V.

Wave processes in living organisms and quantum levion structures

The physics of quantum superfluid levion structures, providing a state of living matter, allows to explain, as a hypothesis, the phenomena of wave processes, discovered in the experiments of Jiang Kangcheng, “memory of space” and chronomirages.
Key words: superfluidity, quantum levionic structure, phenomenon of life, DNA, morphogenetic field.

Gravity and Geophysics

Pugach A.F.

Observations of the astronomic phenomena by turning scales

There are presented the results of the regular observations the conduct of turning scales (from 4 to 8 devices) in the moments of specific planetary-solar configurations. It is shown that the turning scales react in the moments of solar and lunar eclipses, and also at coverage of the Sun by Venus and Mercury. It is discovered that in certain cases the turning scales react to astronomical event with an advancing reaching of tens of minutes, or, on the contrary, are late with reaction. The possible reasons of such phenomena which can be connected with superweak interactions are discussed.
Key words: superweak interactions, planetary-solar configurations, turning scales, astronomical event.

Problems of reception of energy

Fedotkin I.M.

On the possibilities of reception of superfluous energy at cavitation

There are described and analyzed cavitation processes in liquid. The possibility of reception of superfluous energy in cavitation processes is proved.
Key words: cavitation, energy, hydromechanics, information, cavitation heating.

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