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July – September



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

The distance-information interaction in the "Kozirev space"

There are described the experiments on studying of distant field interactions between alive cages, people, plants. These supervision and experiments with "exit" from a body give the grounds for a conclusion that intellect which is considered as the information or as property, apparently, is "a special substance", the field organization of the unknown form of living matter.
Key words: intellect, field interactions, alive cage, live matter, albumen-nucleic form of life, field form of life.

Bukalov A.V.

Quantum bodies of human: holographic nature of psyche and psychical anomalous phenomena

It is shown, how the levionic theory of quantum bodies of human explains the known phenomena of holographic work of brain. The various researches of the psychokinetic phenomena are considered. It is display that possibility of existence of the similar phenomena is explained that molecular structures can be under rigid management quantum superfluid levionic bodies. Possibility of an explanation of phenomena of teleportation is discussed also.
Key words: physics of consciousness, holography, psychokinesis, quantum levionic body of human, psyche, teleportation, poltergeist, placebo.

Physics and Biology

Berdyshev G.D., Bukalov A.V, Radchenko A.N.

Science and philosophy about life, death and immortality

Now as scientists, so philosophers and studying religions scholars develop the different aspects of life, death and immortality. The present survey-analytical article works out the total of long-term researches of authors in this field of knowledge. It is shown that modern methods and facilities of biology and medicine allow more and more number of people to reach a healthy old age and longevity, overcoming the various forms of illnesses and premature death. There are created theoretical and experimental immortology, which give the chance to separate biological kinds of animals and plants to live infinitely long. Projecting these researches on the human, scientists have started radical increase in its life expectancy.
Key words: life, senescence, death, immortality, gerontology, tanatalogy, immortology.

Physics of the complicated systems

Serov I.N.

Some substantive provisions of the universal theory of space (UTP)

Main principles of the universal theory of space are in detail stated: a principle of fractal similarity, a principle of an absolute coordination (coherence) and a principle of presence of base constants.
Key words: system, space structure, fractal, hypersphere.

History of Science

Pugach A.F.

Nicolay Kozyrev is an apologist of conception of new time

The creative biography of astronomer N.A.Kozyrev and the physical theory of time created by him are described.
Key words: N. A. Kozyrev, astrophysics, nature of time, entropy.

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