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April – June



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

The distance-information interaction in the "Kozirev space"

At the persons, who were in the hypogeomagnetic environment, are revealed authentically greater increase of ability to concentrate attention, greater increase of volume and accuracy of short-term memory, development of intellect and the greatest ability to abstraction from habitual associations. The intellect and symmetry of structure cosmophysic environment appeared closely interconnected.
Key words: psychophysis, brain hemispheres, geomagnetic field, memory, intellect, cosmophysic fields.

Bukalov A.V.

Quantum bodies of human: holographic nature of psyche and psychical anomalous phenomena

It is shown, how the levionic theory of quantum bodies of human explains the known phenomena of holographic work of brain. The various researches of the psychokinetic phenomena are considered. It is display that possibility of existence of the similar phenomena is explained that molecular structures can be under rigid management quantum superfluid levionic bodies. Possibility of an explanation of phenomena of teleportation is discussed also.
Key words: physics of consciousness, holography, psychokinesis, quantum levionic body of human, psyche, teleportation, poltergeist, placebo, psychical anomalous phenomena.

Theory of gravity

Oleinik V.P., Prokofjev V.P.

Rotary inertia and its physical consequences. What is gravitation?

According to the standard ideas of motion, in the nature there is the only kind of motion by inertia - uniform and rectilinear motion of the body which is not subject to external influence (linear inertia). In this paper the concept of rotary motion by inertia, which serves as a generalization of linear inertia to the case of motion of a body along a curvilinear trajectory, is introduced. It is shown that rotary inertia of system of two particles is accompanied by force influence on particles which is not, however, an external force action on particles. The case in point is a force which occurs due to spatial inhomogeneity of the system (existence of distinguished points, preferred directions, and so forth). Rotary motion by inertia is accompanied by occurrence of a field in the surrounding space, similar to the magnetic field induction; this field acts on particle with the force coincident in its form with the Lorentz force, in which the role of electric charge of the particle is played by its mass. Comparison of rotary motion by inertia of system of two particles with the motion of the particles interacting with each other according to the Newtonian law of gravitation is made. The character of motion of the system at hand in both approaches is shown to be identical. The quantities describing rotary motion by inertia coincide with the ones relating to the motion of a particle in potential force field, except for one quantity - the total energy of particles. For rotary inertia, the total energy of particles, as it should be, is positive, whereas the role of total energy, in describing the motion according to the law of gravitation, is played by the bound state energy of particle in a potential well, and this energy is negative. The distinction indicated above is a consequence of essentially different approaches to the description of motion of particles in the classical mechanics and in this paper. The main result of the paper is that the force of attraction between the particles making rotary motion by inertia is derived in it on the basis of kinematics; the force is shown to be numerically coincident with the one which is postulated by the Newtonian law of gravitation. Thus, it is proved that gravitation, being a consequence of rotary motion by inertia, is not a special kind of interaction between material bodies. The gravitational field is not generated by material bodies, it arises as a result of the rotary motion of bodies by inertia. The hypothesis for the existence in the nature of gravitational forces, to which all elementary particles are subject and which are governed by the Newtonian law of gravitation, is erroneous. Correctness of conclusions of the paper follows from the facts that 1) the evidences presented correspond to the physical level of rigor accepted in modern theoretical physics, 2) experimental data available in the literature testify that gravitational attraction between bodies does not submit to the law of gravitation, and 3) results of the paper follow with necessity from the most general laws of motion and development of nature - the laws of dialectics.
Key words: physical nonequivalence of inertial reference frames, inherent inconsistency of special relativity, the problem of motion, linear inertia, rotary inertia, gravitation as a consequence of rotary inertia, incorrectness of the Newtonian law of gravitation, motion without ejection of jet engine fuel.

Physics and Biology

Berdyshev G.D., Galperin Ya.D.

Water as the most effective medicine ciphered by the nature

The substantive provisions of aquabiotics as sciences about water are considered. It is experimentally shown that the water from melted snow with the lowered maintenance of heavy hydrogen and tritium has high biological activity, renders a geroprotective (rejuvenating) action. The radio-protective action of such water is shown also. The experimental plants and methods of reception of connate water with the set properties are described.
Key words: connate water, radio-protective action, juvenilogic, geroprotector, biological activity, hydrogen isotopes.

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