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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

Introduction in a problem of "archeology" of intellect

On the basis of results of long-term researches of alive substance, consciousness and intelligence authors consider questions of formation and evolution of human intellect, spiritual, cognitive and cultural activity of person
Key words: human intellect, archeology, origin of culture, human evolution, history, origin of language.

Bukalov A.V.

Quantum bodies of person, levionic structures of psyche and Synchronics

It is given the explanation of experimental data by S.Grof in area of transpersonal psychology on the basis of theory of quantum bodies of person, consisting of superfluid condensates or easy elementary particles (levions). Synchronics as the theory of the synchronism phenomena is considered.
Key words: quantum body, psyche, levion?, transpersonal psychology, superfluid condensate, Synchronics, synchronism phenomena.

Dubrov Ya.A.

On energy-information physics! Principles of a transition and chronotop structures

A number of mathematical models of energy-informational physics for investigation of heterogeneous space-time (chronotop) and physics-information fields (sequence, helicity, torsion, fractality, string etc.) is offered.
Key words: chronotop, the information, structure, an information theory, the physicochemical systems, fractality.

A.U. De and Dhananjay Pal

Physics of consciousness and its model may provide guidelines to solve many scientific problems including quantum enigma

Consciousness model assuming TCP (thought-carrying particle) and TRP (thought retaining particle) may provide guidelines to solve many scientific problems including quantum enigma.
Key words: Void, Universal mind (UM), Consciousness energy (E), Thought Force (TF), TF(micro), TF(macro), Thought-carrying particles (TCP), Thought retaining particles TRP), Planck Energy, Quantized universal Consciousness Energy(ET), Space-time continuum (STC), Universal thought frequency (UTF).

Biophysics and Medicine

Berdyshev G.D., Kurik M.V., Maljuk V.M.

Research of healthful action of pyramids

It is described the influence of the physical fields, created by pyramidal forms, on water and biological liquids, and on the human organism. The possible mechanisms of action of these fields are considered.
Key words: pyramid, space structure, biological objects, human health, biophysics, medicine.

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