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October – December



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

Quantum bodies of alive organisms and origin of life

Properties of the quantum superfluid bodies of the alive organisms, consisting of easy elementary particles and interacting with atom-molecular structure of biological organism are described. It is shown, that existence and features of functioning of quantum bodies remove known problems of low probability spontaneous, or casual, synthesis of biological molecules: RNA, DNA and peptides. It is described the probable mechanism of assembling of primary biological molecules under control of the quantum structures setting and dissymmetry of alive, that essentially reduces time, necessary for the origin of alive organisms. The distant effects of quantum bodies are considered, and new approach to the description of process of quantum measurement is offered.
Key words: alive organism, quantum body, levion, origin of life, origin of biological dissymmetry, quantum measurement, superfluidity.

Physics and Biology

Berdyshev G. D, Bukalov A. V, Radchenko A.N.

Biological engineering and noogenesis

Problems of biological engineering, including methods of genetic engineering are viewed. The special attention is given to noogenesis as a direction of artificial constructioning of organisms with the given properties. Approaches to noogenesis of a human body are featured.
Key words: biological engineering, genes, genetic engineering, evolution of the human, noogenesis.


Kurik M.V.

Drinking water

In the article modern physical views are expounded about a high-quality natural drinking-water (fractal water), about criteria which a drinking-water must satisfy, to answer basic properties of endocellular water are bases of health of man.
Key words: drinking water, structure, fractal, structural regularity.

Special Relativity and Electrodynamics

Oleinik V.P.

New interpretation of relativistic physics

In this paper the results of our long-term research in the field of relativistic physics are summed up. The evidences are presented that the inertial reference frames (IRF), moving relative to each other, are not physically equivalent and, as a consequence, physical interpretation of the special theory of relativity (STR), belonging to Einstein, is erroneous. From the physical point of view, the inequality of rights of IRF moving relative to each other is caused by the fact that the local times entering into Lorentz transformations, which relate IRF to each other, essentially differ from the global times, in terms of which the evolution of physical system in IRF, in accord with dynamic principle, is described. The local time represents the time coordinates of points of 4-space-time - some parameters the change of which has nothing to do with dynamic principle. The global time, unlike local, has deep physical meaning: this is the real, physical time, in which the physical system develops and the observer works, and the moments of which coincide with the readings of the observer's clock in a fixed IRF. Starting from the relativistic equations of motion, it is shown that the length of a rod, moving in some IRF, does not depend on the speed of the rod and equals its proper length. When passing from one IRF to another, the scale of length changes, along the direction of relative motion of reference frames, in that reference frame, into which the transition is made, in comparison with the initial reference frame. The mere change of the scale of length is an indication of the physical nonequivalence of the IRF moving relative to each other, so Lorentz contraction of length is not real, observable effect. According to the results received, rather strict restrictions imposed by causality principle on the motion of the system of several particles are incompatible with Lorentz transformations. As the result of Lorentz transformations, the solutions of dynamic equations as well as the equations themselves are knocked out of the class, to which initial solutions and equations belong. In view of the physical nonequivalence of IRF, the motion of a physical system relative to some reference frame K, transformed to the reference frame K´, moving relative to K, is not a real motion in K´; it represents only a mapping into K´ of the motion which takes place in K. The effect of relativity of physical processes predicted by us is just the one which is caused by the fact that the mapping of physical process into some IRF essentially differs from the real process occurring in this reference frame.
Key words: physical nonequivalence of inertial reference frames, superluminal communication, local and global time, the principle of causality, the principle of relativity, relativistic invariance, Lorentz transformations, light barrier.

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