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July – September



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

Distant-information interaction in the "Kozirev space"

Connection between individual structure of genes of the person and a degree of his sensitivity to cosmophysical factors is shown . Experiments with people in mirrors of Kozirev are featured. It is shown, that modeling of asymmetric cosmophysical space leads to a modification of interhemispheric functional balance of a brain, amplification of cognitive potential, attention and memory of the person. Cosmophysical and intellectual fields have appeared tightly interacting.
Key words: gene structure, cosmophysical factors, mirrors of Kozyrev, psychophysiological sensitivity, attention, memory, asymmetry of a brain.

Physics and Biology

Berdyshev G.D., Bukalov A.V., Radchenko A.N.

Biological engineering and noogenesis

Problems of biological engineering, including methods of genetic engineering are viewed. The special attention is given to noogenesis as a direction of artificial constructioning of organisms with the given properties. Approaches to noogenesis of a human body are featured.
Key words: biological engineering, genes, genetic engineering, evolution of the human, noogenesis.

Special Relativity and Electrodynamics

Oleinik V.P., Lega J.G., Leschinsky A.P.

Light barrier, vacuum medium, and superluminal communication - the basic means of communication in the future

The results of the investigations on superluminal signals previously performed are briefly outlined. it is clarified on the basis of them why there are no limitations imposed on the velocity of information transfer by the laws of physics. As the physical carrier of superluminal signals the vacuum medium serves formed through the superposition and interference of the own fields of electrically charged particles. Vacuum medium generates an information field capable of transmitting information with arbitrary velocity. The existence of vacuum medium is the physical reason for the nonequivalence of inertial reference frames moving relative to each other. The physical mechanism of superluminal communication is due to the non-local connection between the electromagnetic potentials and strengths of electric and magnetic fields. It is noted that the creation of means of superluminal communication is a practically realizable task, the performance of which will revolutionize science and technology.
Key words: light barrier, superluminal communication, the principle of relativity, the principle of causality, relativistic invariance, Lorentz transformation laws, the nonequivalence of inertial reference frames, dynamic equations, initial conditions, global and local time, open self-organizing system, own field, vacuum medium, information field.

Nikolenko O.D.

On some objective laws emerging from the assumption of the possibility of predicting the future

Objects of the study are structure and evolution of the world lines in Minkowski's world. The notion of the true world line of the material particle with uniform structure throughout - in the sections of the Past, the Present, and the Future. This can be achieved by substitution of the section of the Future by the branch of the real Future representing ordered multitude of events that will be realized. Studied is the world with prediction differing from Minkowski's world by availability of the observer's opportunity of direct observation (predicting) of some events in the Future. It is proved that actions capable of changing the prediction are either non-existent, or will not be realized. It is pointed out that prediction of the future can be done only in such a way and only with such degree of precision that eliminates the possibility avoiding the predicted events (effect of shadowing of the part of the Future). Predicting of one's own future by the observer cannot be used for optimization of the strategy of his behavior. It is proved that the living beings' ability to predict future is not inherited by the descendants, including by formation of the special senses. Facts of foreseeing the future can be regarded as predictions only if the following features are present: predictions are not based on the knowledge of the Past and the Present; they are formulated in such a way that eliminates any possibility of avoiding the predicted events by the one to whom they were predicted; no alternative and imminence of the event. Identification of the true facts of prediction of the Future can make the basis for studying the structure and particularities of the Future in world lines.
Key words: Minkowski's space-time, world lines, prediction of the Future.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Bukalov A.V.

On possibility of an existence of Boze - or Fermi-condensates of dark energy, neutrino and other particles of a dark substance

It is shown, that quanta of dark energy organise a Boze- or Fermi- condensate possessing quantum superfluid coherent properties. In turn, it means macroquantum properties of all Universe and quantum correlation of all objects of the Universe. Quantum oscillations of the Universe with a eigenfrequency correspond to Hubble's parametre. The formation possibility Boze- or Fermi-condensates from neutrino and other easy fundamental particles are constituents of a composition of a dark substance of galaxies, forming superfluid neutrino sphere in each galaxy is viewed also. The influence possibility neutrino condensates and condensates of dark energy on biosphere of the Earth is considered, including induction of asymmetry live substance.
Key words: dark energy, a dark substance, neutrino, a Bose condensate, a Fermi condensate, a superfluidity, a coherence, a chirality, biosphere of the Earth.

Nuclear Physics

Dubrov Ya.A.

Periodic system of atomic nucleus and Mendeleyev-Minkovsky algebra

The method of coding of atomic nucleus by two-dimensional vectors is offered. Algebraic properties of two-dimensional nuclear space are explored. Mendeleyev-Minkovsky algebra is featured and the periodic system of atomic nucleus is constructed.
Key words: nucleus of atoms, periodic system, Mendeleyev-Minkovsky algebra.

Special and General Relativity

Klimetz A.P.

The quantum gravitation theory

The variant of the general relativity theory quanting is considered. The uncertainty principle is proposed for gravitation field.
Key words: general relativity theory, quantum gravitation, uncertainty principle.

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