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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

Physics of a noosphere: hierarchy of quantum structures of live organisms and evolutionary development of mankind

Hierarchical plurality of quantum structures of mankind as view Homo Sapiens Sapiens determines also mankind evolution as single whole. Numerous resonances between frequencies of quantum structures of mankind and the separate person feature stages of historical development of a noosphere as reason spheres by V.I.Vernadsky, proportional to growth of the population of the Earth.
Key words: physics of consciousness, a noosphere, quantum structures of the person, quantum bodies of the person, mankind evolution, quantum structures of biosphere.

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

The distance-information interaction in the "Kozirev space"

It is described the psychophysiological in the "Kozirev space" human perception of holograms, which contain information about cosmic objects: galaxies with different characteristics, cultural-historical monuments of different civilizations and epochs. The holograms with the functional-regulation information are also tested. The degree of the modern man paleinformation sensibility and the measure of the human "paleomemory" disclosure were valued by the following parameters: the time perception dynamics, the heart chronal regime changes, the head brain electric activity, the skin absorption of light, the gas discharge visualization, the effectivity of the human distance-information communications and interaction with "cells civilizations".
Key words: human paleomemory, "Kozirev space", human distance-information communications, information signals, psychophysiological testing, head brain semispheres asymmetry, time internal perception.

Physics and Biology

Berdyshev G.D., Varnavsky I.N.

Achievements of contemporary aquatherapy

Principles and methods of aquatherapy for treatment or improvement of health of the person are viewed. Methods of use of water with lowered the deuterium and tritium content are featured. Expedients of application of thawed snow and its curative activity are featured.
Key words: physics of water, water structure, aqua therapy, health of the person, deuterium, tritium, aquabiotics, storage of water.

Field Theory and Nuclear Physics

Oleinik V.P., Prokofjev V.P.

Energy problem. Atom as an inexhaustible source of ecologically pure energy

The fundamentally new approach to the energy problem is put forward based on the excitation of electronic quantum transitions in atom responsible for the increase in mass defect of atom. The consecutive quantum theory of hydrogen atom as a system of two particles interacting with each other - electron and proton is constructed on the basis of Dirac's model of electron. The motion of nucleus in the hydrogen atom is shown to essentially affect the physical properties of atom. The energy spectrum of the atom contains two regions of bound states of electron and nucleus separated from each other by energy of the order of 2m2c2 (m2 is the mass of proton, c is the velocity of light). As a consequence, there exist such states of the atom in which the mass defect of atom reaches the value of 2m1 (m1 is the mass of electron). The existence of quantum states of atom with abnormally high mass defect and the ability of atom to make transitions from states with smaller value of mass defect to states with greater value open the prospect of creation of active thermal machines (TI) producing superfluous energy, i.e. transforming the energy of environment to active form. From the conceptual point of view, the idea of production of superfluous energy in active TI does not differ from the physical idea which is carried out in the thoroughly studied reactions of thermonuclear synthesis. In both cases, the question is the organization and maintenance in a system of interacting particles of physical processes in which the state of system changes in such a manner that the mass defect of system eventually increases in comparison with mass defect in initial state. Distinction between active TI and thermonuclear reactor consists only in the fact that physical processes of various types are used in them: in the first case - electronic processes in atoms, and in the second one - the processes going on at collision of nucleons and nuclei. The fact that both phenomena - the production of superfluous energy in active TI and the energy liberation in reaction of thermonuclear synthesis - are of the same physical nature and are described by the same parameter - mass defect means that production of superfluous energy is as real as thermonuclear synthesis. As the energy liberation in active TI occurs due to electronic processes in atoms instead of synthesis or splitting of atomic nuclei, active TI will be ecologically pure energy sources. As fuel for active thermal machine, any substance can serve, the atoms of which can be in states with various values of mass defect. The results of the present work do not contradict the laws of thermodynamics. The principles of action of TI described in textbooks on thermodynamics refer only to such TI which are isolated from environment (such TI can be naturally referred to as passive). The idea that it is impossible to transform energy of environment to active form, deeply rooted in consciousness, is the deepest and tragic delusion of the last century resulted in the orientation of economy of the planet exclusively towards passive TI. Consequences are known: research on the transformation of environment energy to active form (N.Tesla, K.E.Tsiolkovsky, P.K.Oshchepkov, etc.) have been blocked and declared as pseudo science, and the mankind appeared on the verge of ecological catastrophe by the end of the century. The real way toward resolving power problem, as is evident from the results of the paper, passes through the research directed towards the creation of active thermal machines - qualitatively new ecologically pure energy sources.
Key words: energy problem, ecologically pure energy source, energy spectrum of hydrogen atom, motion of nucleus in atom, quantum transitions, mass defect, active and passive thermal machines, superfluous energy.

Gravity and Physics of vaquum

Bukalov A.V.

Fundamental particles, the virtual curvature of space and macroscopical structures

It is shown, that for a number of known fundamental particles radius of curvature of space created in the density of their energies, it is close or coincides with radiuses of known macroscopical objects, such as a kern of the Galaxy, stars and planets. Thus radiuses of curvature induced by the virtual electrofeeble bosons are close to the sizes of live organisms, including the person. Therefore to phase transition about occurrence of masses of fundamental particles there can correspond the phase transition related to a space-time curvature and its structure to which corresponds to occurrence and existence of the live organisms possessing mentality and consciousness.
Key words: curvature of space, energy density, fundamental particles, a boson, phase transition, diameter of the Sun, diameter of the Earth, a kern of the Galaxy, a live organism, mentality, consciousness.

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