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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

The physics of consciousness, thinking and life

The quantum model of psyche and phenomenon of life is proposed. The consciousness and thinking phenomena are explained by the existence of the hierarchy of the bose- and fermi-condensates of the easy elementary particles, existing together with the atom-molecule structure of alive organism and interacting with it. The quantum liquid-condensate properties explain the all experimental facts and observations, including the so-called "abnormal" properties of psychics and consciousness. The superconductivity properties of the bose- and fermi-condensates also explain the intellectual operations unentrupyness and eliminate the thinking "thermodynamical paradox".
Key words: physics of consciousness, psychics, quantum consciousness, quantum computer, quantum calculations, bose-condensate, fermi-condensate, superconductivity, quantum liquid, thinking, thermodynamical paradox, wave function, alive physics, elementary particle, coherence, holographic model of thinking.

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

The distance-information interaction in the "Kozirev space"

It is described the psychophysiological in the "Kozirev space" human perception of holograms, which contain information about cosmic objects: galaxies with different characteristics, cultural-historical monuments of different civilizations and epochs. The holograms with the functional-regulation information are also tested. The degree of the modern man paleinformation sensibility and the measure of the human "paleomemory" disclosure were valued by the following parameters: the time perception dynamics, the heart chronal regime changes, the head brain electric activity, the skin absorption of light, the gas discharge visualization, the effectivity of the human distance-information communications and interaction with "cells civilizations".
Key words: human paleomemory, "Kozirev space", human distance-information communications, information signals, psychophysiological testing, head brain semispheres asymmetry, time internal perception.

Theory of information

Prokofiev V.P.

The mathematical models development. The usage of the information theory methods under the approximation of the multi-measures densities distributions of observations

Under the decisions of the huge quantity of problems in the different scientifical and technical branchs the used signals are described by models, which must be adequate to real signals. The well-known models are based on the Gauss random processes. However in the real information systems the signals have non-gaussian character and they have to be described by the non-gaussian distributions of momentary values. In this work it is given the analysis of the wide-spread information quantity measures, introduced by Fisher, Shennon, Kulback and Liebrer. Under the mathematical hypothesises verification the similarity criterion was used as the most informative. The Kulback results have the limitations and shortcomings, consist in the single-measure quantities usage and the non-evident presentation of the searched density distribution, what produces the difficulties under these results analysis and usage. The work includes the investigations, carried out on the base of the Lagrange factors methods and eliminate by some degree the above mentioned limitations and shortcomings. The known results for the single-measure distributions were generalized and thus the new results were obtained in relation to the multi-measure case.
Key words: information systems, gauss random processes, multi-measure distributions, information quantity measures (Fisher, Shennon, Kulback-Leibrer et sed), single-measure and multi-measures models of signals.


Dyudkin D.A.

The new physical effect discovery: "the phenomenon of bodies rotation in the moving charges electric field"

The experimental modeling of the processes of the solar energy transformation into the different kinds of electric energy yields the discovery of the new physical regularities, which were unknown till now. These are the bodies rotation in the moving charges electric field and the electric current initiation in this bodies due to the electrodynamic induction. These discoveries together with known data provide the decision of some fundamental problems of the solar-terrestrial physics.
Key words: electric field, atmosphere ionization, charged particles flow, solar wind, charges rotation, electrodynamic induction, bodies rotation in electric field.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Nikolenko A. D.

Regarding the problem of the cosmological Big explosion reasons

Some results of the temporal theory describing the process of time movement (temporal process) have been adduced as a movement of material particles in temporal measurement in a spatial-temporal continuum. Within the framework of this theory it is shown, that temporal process has all physical properties peculiar to the movement - velocity of movement, its energy, inertia, impulse that allows considering movement of time as the real physical process proceeding within the framework of space-temporal continuum. It has been established, that the rest energy and the rest mass of a material particle reflect its energy and inertial properties under the movement in time. The principle of space-temporal incompatibility of material particles having nonzero rest mass has been formulated. It is stated, that action of this principle is not distributed on massless particles. All substance of the Universe is compressed in a singularity point and has indefinitely big density. For massless particles with the stopped movement of time such situation is allowable. From positions of the temporal theory the moment of "start" of time movement in the Universe has been considered. It is stated, that the beginning of course of time as a physical process results in occurrence at substance a rest mass thus representing property of a substance temporal inertia. With the advent of rest mass at material particles the principle of incompatibility of material particles comes into effect that results in explosion compressed up to a point and already incompatible matter of the universe and generates the particles scattering in space. Thus, the "start" of process of time movement is possible to be considered as a principal reason of the Big explosion and occurrence of spatial structure of the Universe.
Key words: the Big explosion (Big Bang), temporal theory, time movement, rest energy, rest mass.

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