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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

The distance-information interaction in the "Kozirev space"

It is described the psychophysiological in the "Kozirev space" human perception of holograms, which contain information about cosmic objects: galaxies with different characteristics6 cultural-historical monuments of different civilizations and epochs. The holograms with the functional-regulation information are also tested. The degree of the modern man paleinformation sensibility and the measure of the human "paleomemory" disclosure were valued by the following parameters: the time perception dynamics6 the heart chronal regime changes6 he head brain electric activity, the skin absorption of light, the gas discharge visualization, the effectivity of the human distance-information communications and interaction with "cells civilizations".
Key words: human paleomemory, "Kozirev space", human distance-information communications, information signals, psychophysiological testing, head brain semispheres asymmetry, time internal perception.

Biophysics and Medicine

Berdyshev G.D.

Pyramids - from legends and myths to the rationfl cognition

In present time the pyramids knowledge is gradually transformed into rational science with its cognition methods and investigation object. The history of pyramids discovery and study is described, the attendant myths and legends are criticized, the modern pyramidology state is presented, the recommendations on the pyramids usage for health service are given. It is described the author experiments with drozofile and mousse, devoted to the ground of the electromagnetic essence of the pyramids curative action. The pyramids euristics principles are firstly grounded.
Key words: pyramid, electromagnetic fields and radiations, space form effects, therapeutic effect, water.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Bukalov A.V.

On the positrons origination in the Galaxy center and the Galaxy core essence

The formula for the white and black hole temperature under the Shvarsfield sphere is proposed. For the Galaxy core this temperature is T=2·109K. It explains the essence of the positrons emissions by the Galaxy core as a white hole. This white hole is the relict of the initial vacuum perturbations after the Great Explosion. This relict radius is not accidental; it is determined only by the electron mass and the fundamental constants. It is described the set of the astrophysical galaxy resonances, connected with the covered regularities of the different cosmic objects formation.
Key words: Galaxy core, white hole, positrons emission, electron-positron pairs, white hole internal temperature, Planck mass.

Bukalov A.V.

On the extreme observed power of astrophysical processes

The power of the collapse of dark hole or the recollapse of white hole with arbitrary mass is described by the fundamental constants combination and is P=1.8·1059 erg/sec. Probable it is the extreme possible power of the astrophysical processes. The value is the approximation for the energy emission processes, observed in quasars and active galaxies cores. With the use of fundamental constants the extreme natural values of the current and voltage were obtained.
Key words: gravitation collapse, extreme power of energy emission, astrophysics, quasar, galaxies, active cores, black hole, white hole.

Electrodynamics and General Relativity

Nikolenko A. D.

On the problem of the dynamics of the material point with variable mass

It was shown that it would be more correct to call Meshcherskiy equation as the equation of movement of material body with separating mass. The equation of dynamics of material point movement with variable mass was obtained, it describes the material point movement, inertial mass change, which is not related to change of its impulse. The peculiarities of the physical body movement with variable inertness are pointed, in particular, the ability to the accelerated movement without the influence of external forces and without interaction with external medium, as well as exceptional maneuverability.
Key words: dynamics of material point, movement of the particles with variable mass.


Kirichenko S.F., Kurik M.V.

The Physics of the Consciousness Ecology

It is considered the human health and the environment state in context of their mutual influence, interconnection and correspondence to the general natural laws.
Key words: system, health system level (selfsatisfaction, quality), phase shift, adaptation, selfregulation.

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