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October – December



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznatcheyev V. P., Trofimov A. V.

The experimental works on the problem "intellect as the cosmoplanet phenomenon"

It is studied the influence of the solar activity and geomagnetic environment on the human organism and psychics. It is shown that the geomagnetic environment, being the important cosmophysical element, produces the influence on the intellectual-psychics human status. The geophysical conditions variations in the certain periods of the internal human development can cause the formation of the human organism chemical dependence on the psychically active matters as well as the intellect defects and the psychical diseases development. There is the reliable correlative connection between the intellect coefficient and the solar activity level near the calculated fecundation date. Thus the intellect, the psychical functions, the human diseases and the creative abilities reflect the cosmogeophysical space structure in several generations.
Key words: antropoecology, geomagnetic field, brain electric potentials, solar activity, intellect, cosmogeophysical space structure, embryo development.

Bukalov A. V.

The biochemical reactions rate in alive organisms and the human consciousness phenomenon

It is valued the biochemical reactions quantity in alive organisms, from a man till the whole biosphere as well as the summarized frequencies and the synthesis rates of DNA. It is shown that the summarized DNA synthesis rate as a phase transition rate in human brain equals to the light speed. Then the peculiarities of the human thinking and consciousness can be connected with the usage of the phase speed superlight transition, if the brain work on the field level is connected with the coherent wave pocket, i. e. it has the quantum nature. These results give the new information about the psychic and consciousness phenomena.
Key words: biochemical reactions, DNA synthesis rate, light speed, superlight transition, consciousness phenomenon, thinking, psychics quantum nature, brain.

Parkhomov A. G.

Rhythms and fluctuations: three types of phenomena. Space-terrestrial and information interactions

The outcomes of researches of the processes course in various systems are considered. The separation of the detected phenomena on three groups is justified:
1) Unusually large fluctuations of parameters describing of the processes course in physical, chemical, biological and other complicated systems. The processes course in such systems has chaotic, splash and fractal character.
2) The variability of the processes intensity in systems consisting of independent elements (for example, nuclei in radioactive substance). In such systems the smooth rhythmic modifications and short splashes are found.
3) The variability of distribution of values, obtained at multiple measurements, even if an average rate of process is constant. Such modifications, having the space rhythmic changes and also connected with artificial actions, are found out.
The first group of phenomena is connected to the presence in complicated systems of the large number of the interconnected elements, capable to accumulate and to emit an energy, that is the reason of sensitivity of processes in such systems to exterior actions possessing a series of paradoxical properties (for example, high sensitivity to weak actions and weak response to powerful actions). It is possible to explain the second group of phenomena by operation of the exterior agent, capable to influence the probability of processes in each of the independent elements. The third group of phenomena probably indicates the information interactions existence.
Key words: systems, processes, fluctuations, flicker-noise, white noise, radioactivity, variability, chaos, cosmos, entropy, information.

Physics and Biology

Berdyshev G. D., Radchenko A. N

Brain and genes

The survey-analytical article is devoted to problems of the brain influence on the functions of visceral organs. The modern biological engineering achievements provide us rather reliable not only to understand the mechanism of genes but also to operate its course. They produce the possibility to create in future the harmoniously developed Homo futurum.
Key words: brain, genes, cycle nucleotides, receptors, hormones, neuromediators, biopolymers, low molecular regulators.

Bukalov A.V.

Dynamics of Ethnic Passionarity as a New Biological Phenomenon

Passionarity as a feature of ethnos discovered and described by L. Gumilev can be explained by the effect of ceased reproduction of inherited traits induced by cosmo-physical and geophysical factors after Z=50-60 consequential cycles of sex cells reproduction and functioning (embryogenesis), which corresponds to change of generations within 1250-1500 years. The cease of regular reproduction of somatic cells (Heiflik limit, N=50±10) can be regarded as an example of this phenomenon.
Key words: ethnos, ethnic psychology, recklessness, inherited traits, behavioral stereotypes, geophysical factors, cosmo-physical factors.

Special and General Relativity

Nikolenko A.D.

The time course: the convention or the physical reality? On the problem of the temporal process identification in the special relativity theory

It is considered the set of the fundamental physical quantities in the special relativity theory (SRT), which have the unusual properties: the light speed in vacuum ñ, essentially different from the others material objects motion by its invariation; the rest energy Å0, described by the product of the motion less particle mass and the light speed square, i.e. such a speed, which is unattainable for this particle; the inertial rest mass of a particle m0, whereas the inertia notion is connected with motion, but not with rest; the quantity Ð0 = m0ñ, acting in the fundamental relativistic expression for the energy-momentum, as well as the rest energy, which unites the quantities, incompatible under the space motion. It is revealed that these quantities form the ordered set, which characterizes the unit physical motion process: its speed, energy, inertia, momentum. The structure and peculiarities of the mentioned quantities directly show that they describe the physical process of the rest bodies' motion, realized beyond the space measurement within the space-time continuum and revealed in SRT by its inertial phase. Within such process the all unusual properties of the considered quantities get the natural interpretation and let to identify them as the reveal of the time motion process. It is given the temporal theory results, which adequately describe the revealed process (the temporal one) as the material particles motion in the time measurement. The mentioned results also give the theoretical basis for the all quantities, describing the revealed process, and the interconnection of these ones. This process has the all motion properties: speed of motion, its energy, inertia, momentum (these properties existence was experimentally proved in SRT) and thus the time motion has to be considered as the real physical process, current within the space-time continuum. There is no necessity to consider the whole (relativistic) energy of a body and its rest energy as some special energy kinds, because they are the motion energy variations: the whole energy is the body motion energy in the space-time and includes the motion energy in space (kinetic) and the one in time (temporal), which revealed in the relative relations as the rest energy. It is pointed out that the modern reasons for the material particles motion along their world lines are connected with their motion by inertia in time. The others conclusions of the temporal process identification in quantum mechanics are shown.
Key words: special relativity theory, temporal theory, space-time continuum, time motion, rest energy, rest mass, light speed constancy.


Pronyaev V.V.

On some problems of the Universe rise: the fluctuations formation mechanism

According to the new conception of the Universe rise, it is given an idea about the fluctuation formation mechanism. The proposed idea has to unite the supporters of the "Big Bang" conception and the alternative "Zero Universe" conception with the W.Carry law.
Key words: cosmology, Big Bang, Sobolev space, fluctuation.

Science and Society

Prokofiev V.P.

The history of some scientific collective

It is given the history of the formation and work of the National science-research center of the defense technologies and the military security of Ukraine.
Key words: fundamental researches, new technologies, behind horizon radiolocation.

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