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July – September



Physics and Biology

Bukalov A.V.

On the influence of the gravitation potentials of planets and stars on the physical and biological processes

It is considered the influence of the gravitation potentials of the Solar system planets and the nearest stars on the physical-chemical processes in alive organisms as an gravitation analogy of the Aaronov-Bohm effect in electrodynamics. The change of the molecules kinetic energy of the all biosphere alive organisms under the action of the variable gravitation planets potentials in equivalent to the energy flows of total power P=5·1013÷15J/s and the information equivalent Í=1034÷35,5bit/s, what is near to the solar energy flow, used by the plants for photosynthesis: P=9·1013J/s, Í0=1034,5bit/s. Thus the energetic and information influence of different gravitation potentials and fields is significant6 essentially under the growing organism morphogenesis. The mechanism of the planets gravitation potentials influence explains the empirically found correlation between some planets positions the solar activity enhancing. From the information point of view it is considered the energy flow notion as the power of the flow of the Plank information phase cells. It is discussed the necessity of the development of the new science - potentiology, designed for study of the influence of the tensor, vector and scalar potentials, gravitational and electromagnetic, on the physical and biological processes.
Key words: planet gravitational potentials, Aharonov-Bohm effect, information, gravitation forces, biosphere, alive cell, embryo development, morphogenesis, solar activity.

Lushnov M.S.

The influence of the long-term changes of cosmogeophysical factors on the dynamics of the biochemical and hemogram parameters of people

The long-term supervision hemogram and the biochemical parameters of a person, comparable on duration with the 11-years solar cycle, are not revealed by us in the scientific literature. Researches of 12-years fluctuations of biochemical and hemogram parameters of blood at persons with mental frustration in comparison to the dynamics cosmogeophysical factors were carried out. Researches are based on 443 tests of biochemical parameters and 950 hemogram tests and the appropriate daily measurements of cosmoheliogeophysical parameters. It is shown, that biochemical and hemogram systems are modulated by influence of these factors what follows from identical spectral-temporary harmonics and the periods of the mentioned biological and physical processes, including periodicity of total correlation estimations (criterial functions) hemogram and biochemical parameters which adequately describe their functional changes.
Key words: biorithms, hemogram and biochemical parameters, the cosmogeophysical factors, spectral-temporary analysis, statistical modeling.


Adamenko A.A., Berdyshev G.D.

The pyramids, their history, modern state and the usage perspective

The pyramids serves as a concentrator, which enhances the local intensity of the planet radiation. The pyramid construction forms the flow of the concentrated planet radiation, used as an energetical factor in the different branches: health service (cure of patients), food and oil industry (treatment of products), agriculture (treatment of seed before sowing), environment defense (destruction of toxic molecules). The planet technologies improvement can be produced by the application of the check-measurement equipment.
Key words: planet technology, ecology.

Field Theory and Electrodynamics

Oleinik V.P.

Superluminal signals, cause-consequence relation, and the relativity phenomenon of physical processes

Till now in the literature there was no consistent analysis, based on dynamic model of the causal relation between events caused by superluminal signals. The purpose of the paper is to remove this gap in our knowledge, which contributed to the preservation of prejudices regarding superluminal signals. With a simple dynamic model, describing the cause-consequence relation between two events, it is shown that in case of superluminal signals there are no problems with causality principle. The arguments against the existence of superluminal signals, available in the literature, are erroneous because they are based on the identification of different quantities - global time and local time. The physical essence of the relativity phenomenon of physical processes is explained and its universal character is noted. The physical contents of relativity principle is specified. The results of the paper, together with results of previous researches, allow one to assert that the sources and reasons of the error regarding superluminal signals are now understood, the mechanisms of its preservation for a long time in consciousness of people are elucidated, and the true role of superluminal signals in nature is revealed. Thereby the obstacles to the investigations in the field of superluminal communication are removed and the inviting prospects of creating the qualitatively new communication systems are opened.
Key words: superluminal communication, information field, own field, cause-consequence connection, dynamic model, global and local time, selfaction.

Special Relativity

Malykin G.B.

The experimental check of the special relativity theory truth with the use of the fiber optic gyroscope

During the recent time it was published a set of works, which prove that the Sagnac effect is connected with the "Luminiferous ether". The nonadequateness of the Frenel and Stocks ether models, created in the before last century, was shown long ago, but recently it was proposed a new model, which proves that the ether penetrates through metals hardly, what provides to explain the negation results of the Michelson-Morley experiments. According to this model the ether has to be entrained by the metal case of the fibrous optical gyroscope, what causes the output signal decrease under the constancy of the rotation angle speed. But the corresponding measurements results showed the expected effect absence with perfect accuracy, what is the additional confirmation of the special relativity theory truth.
Key words: relativity theory, optics.


Shergelashvili N.

The distant, information and prognostic operation on the base of the usage of the high frequency energoinformation fields

In the presented work it is considered the question that had been developed by us about the bioinformation correction that is distant, prognostic and information operation method. The treatment method of different diseases by the energy information fields influence on the man's bodies is developed.
Key words: information, prognosis, distant operation, human health.

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