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April – June



Physics and Biology

Bukalov A.V.

On the connection between the parameters of biosphere and Universe

It is shown that the biosphere features are connected with the observed Universe parameters. In particular, the length of the integral genome DNA of the Earth biosphere is equal to the Hubble radius. The consideration of humanity as the biosphere matter especial part provides us to value the human mass limit and extremal quantity; the obtained results coincide with the ones, calculated by the demography specialists. The connection between the biosphere and Universe parameters provides us to extend the Anthropic principle notion as well as the observer conception because the biosphere is an adaptation tracing system, which adjusts itself under the Universe evolution to be the one unit with it.
Key words: biosphere, cosmological parameters, Hubble radius, DNA length, humanity mass.

Berdyshev G.D., Radchenko A.N.

The theory of the operated evolution of the plants, animals and humanity

The survey-analytical article is devoted to the operated evolution theory, developed by the author. The modern biological engineering achievements provide us rather reliable not only to understand the mechanism of evolution but also to operate its course. They produce the possibility to create in future the harmoniously developed Homo futurum.
Key words: evolution, human origination, creationism, biological engineering, evolution operating.

Field Theory and Electrodynamics

Oleinik V.P.

The light barrier and the superluminal information transfer

There are no conclusive grounds for the light barrier and for the ban stipulated by it on superluminal signals. Physical laws do not impose any restrictions upon velocity of information transfer. The special theory of relativity imposes a ban merely on the velocity of motion of material bodies and on the energy transfer with velocity greater than that of light in vacuum. The own field of electrically charged particles is shown to be capable of instantaneously transmitting a signal (information) about any changes occurring with particle to arbitrarily great distances. The existence of superluminal signals, transmitted by the own fields of electrically charged particles, rigorously follows from Maxwell's equations for electromagnetic field. Physical mechanism of appearance of superluminal signals is due to the non-local connection between potentials and intensities of electric and magnetic fields. The field of potentials acts as an informational field capable of transmitting information with superluminal speed without transferring energy. In quantum systems, the superluminal signals occur at every step, in any quantum processes.
Key words: superluminal communication, own field, informational field, vortex field, non-locality, self-organization, open system, self-action.

Gravity and Cosmology

Sannikov-Proskuryakov S.S.

The mathematical principles of the first Universe and alive matter

We suppose that our Universe sprang according to the Cayley algebra. The Great Nothing is described by this algebra (no having any representation). But it may be enclosed into the Heisenberg algebra (the enclosing is not homomorphism). A new physical substance, called pre-matter (or bi-Hamiltonian matter), is underlain the latter. Our Universe has consisted of this kind of matter in its zero cycle. After the Big Bang that is identified with the total irreversible quantum transition, taking place in the bi-Hamiltonian matter, the fundamental particles were arisen. It is shown that after the so called de Sitter's stage of Universe extension our space was in phase of the Bohr compact (space firm). Formation of alive cells were connected with this phase state of our space.
Key words: Great Explosion, Universe, evolution, alive matter, alive cell, topology.

Klimetz A.P.

The gravitational collapse of photons or the fundamental physics completion

Under the Planck energy 1019GeV the light quanta collapse into the dark holes and any interaction loses its sense. The fundamental length is the cognition theoretical limit, which on principle cannot give us any information.
Key words: Planck energy, Planck scale, photons gravitational collapse, dark hole, physics limits.

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